Goldblade Live @ Robin 2 Bilston, Wolverhampton (UK) - 9th October 2006

Manchester's Psycho rockers "Goldblade" have always been a real delight for me. The perennial Cinderella's of the gig scene. Their full on sonic batterings creep up on unknowing headliners to not only steal their thunder but also convert the non-believers to the power of their unique take on Rock and Roll. Tonight was the turn of "Stiff Little Fingers" to have their collective arses kicked on a wet and windy autumn evening in Wolverhampton.

For those not in the know, "Goldblade" are the street punk vehicle of TV pundit/writer/living legend John Robb and bassist Keith Curtis both ex of the seminal UK punk act "The Membranes" and drummer Rob Haynes. Collaborating with guitarists Pete Gorgeous, Johny Skullknuckles since the awesome 3rd album "Do You Believe In The Power OF Rock N Roll?" this band are as essential to the UK music scene as "Reverend Horton Heat" or "The Supersuckers" are to the US scene.

And this penchant for a razor edged tune with a slight soul / rockabilly angle was not lost in tonight's sold out show. The almost "Oi!" like lead track "Fighting in The Dance Hall" gets the brothers and sisters a rocking and then we are straight into "AC/DC" and the best Clash-like song, "Black Sheep Radical" this side of Rancid.

In John Robb, the band has a truly great frontman all wit, arms and spastic chicken dancing, whilst in Johnny, Pete and Keith he has ably equipped partners in grime. All strut and pose to support the "MC5" meets "Rocket From The Crypt" swagger of mid set classic "Strictly Hardcore" or the hand on heads baptism of fire "Do You Believe In The Power oF Rock n Roll?"

In fewer than 40 minutes the polished punk rock of "Kiss My Ass", "Psycho" and new track "Jukebox Generation" has audience members wearing the distinctive Dennis The Menace style "Goldblade" stripy T Shirts and the "brothers blade" claim yet another scalp for the crew.

This jewel of band have been a secret of the UK gig scene for far too long, do yourself a favour, check them out live or better still buy the last album "Rebel Songs", you will not be disappointed.

by Johnny H.

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