Glitzine - Best of 1999

Last Decade - End of Century. The Nineties are over. What a relief! As usually, Glitzine sums up last year's best albums. So how was 99? Well, it wasn't the best of times but it certainly had some bright moments and great albums.   None will make a top 25 list of the best albums of all-time but impressive stuff nonetheless! Post your own lists of 99's best albums at Glitzine's messageboard - Please have in mind that the list is based on albums reviewed in Glitzine during 99.

10 - Foxy Roxx "Mixed Up World"
"Foxy Roxx has managed to transform the eighties glamrock into the nineties... "We believe in Rock n Roll" sings vocalist Tony Starlin. I admire you guys for keeping the faith! "Mixed up World" is filled with hooky catchy tasty sticky bubblegum glamrock. If you liked "Shake the Foundation", you'll love "Mixed up World". It will be very interesting to see how well this album does. Hopefully, Foxy Roxx will mix up this conform depressing world."

9 - Buckcherry "Buckcherry"
"With a mixture of vintage AC/DC and Aerosmith on acid sprinkled with those punk overtones that made Slamhound the hottest band in Tinseltown all those moons ago, the band’s sound is like a breath of fresh air for today’s stagnant and rather boring music biz."

8 - Kyle Vincent "Wow & Flutter"
"Wow & Flutter" contains of eleven emotional popsongs which will pet your ears and melt your heart. Vincent proves himself as an extraordinaire songwriter and he's, together with Rubinoos' Tommy Dunbar, penned classy songs... Kyle Vincent has got a heaven-sent voice which easily turns a mediocre song into a megahit. Hearing him singing, still sends shivers down my spine."

7 - Toilet Boys "Living like a Millionaire"
"NYC - the city which is the resident for more freaks and outrageous personalities than anyplace else, has been longing for a tasteless shameless bunch of punkrockers ever since The Dolls split. There are new boys in town and the big apple doesn't look as rotten anymore. Toilet Boys have an amazing concept. They manage to be both street, tattoos and drag at the same time. Androgynous gypsy - lead vocalist - Miss Guy, could very well be Jayne County's little sister (or brother?)! The World has been waiting for a new generation of genderbenders!"

6 - Frankenstein Dragqueens "The Night of the Living Dragqueens"
"The Dragqueens is stripped-down glampunk with a horrorimage. If Leatherface was a cheap prostitute, he would fit nicely in the Frankenstein Dragqueens. Crossdressing rather than conformity. "Night of the Living Dragqueens" is an astonishing album, filled with fast pace punk (16 songs in 36 minutes)... Be Scareful"

5 - D-Generation "Through the Darkness"
"Thumbs up for a more "mature" D-generation. They've lost some of their rougher edges that made them so cool in the first place, but they still kick Green Day's ass (but then again, so do the Teletubbies)... 100% D-generation at their best, reckless and snotty, with plenty of attitude!"

4 - Jesse Camp & the 8 Street Kidz -- S/T
"Jesse & the 8th Street Kidz play campy, stupid, clicheed Rock & Roll and I LOVE IT! They wear their hearts where they belong - on their sleeves. You can hear the Hanoi Rocks influence a mile away with just a touch (OK, a BIG touch) of New York Dolls. But who cares?..  Either Jesse is a genuine Glam fan or he is very good at fakin’ it. I cannot believe a major label released this album."

3 - The Mistakes "Dressed for Suckcess"
"The Mistakes are feisty freaks and as antagonistic and angry as it gets (by Glitzine's standards at least.). "Dressed For Suckcess" is a worthy follow up to the impressive "Angry Youth" and a another step towards Suckcess. Even if their name suggest different, The Mistakes do almost everything right."

2 - Trash Brats "Trash Brats"
Detroit's Trash Brats are today's godfathers f underground glamrock. Glamorous poppunk with catchy refrains and "heard-to-be-believed" lyrics. 'm certain that Thee Trash Brats will succeed but it will be in their own way, they won't play it safe. 

*drum roll

1 - Romeo's Dead "It's All Your Fault"
"It's all Your Fault" is Romeo's Dead's long-awaited debut CD. It's a more addictive than heroin or GoGo girls and the stickiest thing since Juice fruit. The Four Cupido's in Romeo's Dead aim for your heart and they are some sharpshooters. Everyone young at heart and whose eyes still twinkling in the neon lights, better beware. You are on their hitlist! "It's all your fault" is simply a major album... God, I wish this guys never grow up (or at least never grow old!) and learn how to play! The sound on "It's all your fault" is totally 90's. Catchy but aggressive. Pretty much like a really strong cocktail, sweet but you can taste the booze. More important, it gets you drunk like hell."