Faster Pussycat Live @ Rock City, Nottingham (UK) - 28th April 2007

When it was announced that Faster Pussycat were to tour with a new frontman, there were understandably varied responses. How would it be possible to recreate the same sound without the unique voice of Taime Downe? There has been a divide, with many saying it's not FP without him, but equally as many being dedicated to the Faster Pussycat blend of sleaze tinted rock n' roll and wanting nothing more than to let the good times roll, again.

As the guys take to the stage, the crowd are in a somewhat bewildered state, startled with anticipation. And startled they should be.

Taking over from Taime Downe is the elegant snake like rock god Kurt Frolich who comfortably slithers behind his mike and immediately makes the stage and the audience his own. It is love at first sight for us and for him, so it seems. Remarkably the whole band instantly fit together, they are finely tuned and the sound throughout is tight without a note out of place, it seems as though this has always been the way. If they were ever worried about what kind of a reaction to expect then it was without necessity, these guys fit together like a glove. Pure enjoyment and reminiscing the good old days seems to be the only true reason for this reunion and watching the glow on Brent Muscat's cheeky little face proves that money can't possibly be the only benefit here.

With a set list of only the best Pussycat tracks, Kurt is an exceptional frontman and puts pure love into each and every one. Starting with 'Where There's a Whip There's a Way', through to 'Bathroom Wall' and 'Don't Change That Song', wondering how he would approach the vocals without taking off Taime, isn't necessary. He injects his own sleek tones to each song, you can hear his accent and own style come through, but what is strange is that when you close your eyes you could actually picture the original band onstage and not hear a difference. If you weren't aware of Faster Pussycat before and this was your first time to hear and see the guys, they would seriously blow you away. That's not to say that they can't make that kind of impression in the future because if this performance is to be repeated and a new album of the same quality songs included, it could see them with a whole new audience and a very dedicated older one!

'House of Pain' is raucously welcomed although the mood suddenly calms and the band make this sensitive song their own emotional anthem all over again. As the guys tie the night up they treat us to old favourite 'Babylon', with Brent and Eric briefly taking over the main vocals like they are front row in the crowd for their favourite bands encore. Todd Kerns has loved the crowd throughout the night, with a sultry pose and effortless stance while drummer Brett Bradshaw takes a modest bow and nod forward.

Kurt finishes with the positive exclamation, 'We are Faster Pussycat!', some faces may have changed but the music remains exquisitely the same.

by Sharron Grainger

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