Enuff Z'Nuff/Bulletboys/Nice n' Sleazy Live @ The Night Owl, Cheltenham (UK) - 12th May 2007

On entry to this "newish" venue on the illustrious South West glam scene (yeah right), there is a sign that clearly states, "Anyone found vomiting will be barred for 1 month". Now, if it weren't for the fact that I am due to see "Buckcherry" at the same venue within the next few weeks I think I may have taken this "get out of jail free" card as the easy option as the events of the night unfolded. Then as uncle "Ian Gillan" used to say "There Ain't No Easy Way"

I was initially tempted along to this latest "spot the original member" tour based on the simple facts that 1) I couldn't attend the "Faster Pussycat" headlined Swansea show earlier in the month and 2) that I had always had a soft spot for both of the US bands on the bill back in the late eighties. So paying £8 to seemingly listen to a few hours of some of my fave eighties tunes wasn't that painful, even if I was exhausted from the day job and also had to suffer one of my travelling compadres endless stories of just how brilliant "Enuff Z Nuff" were back in the day.

This brief flash of optimism regarding the nights events was quickly shattered within the first few minutes of opening band (Irelands) "Nice n' Sleazy's" set, largely due to a sound that was thicker than their fake American accents. This meant the night could go only one way…Yup you guessed it. Through this awful sound system "Nice and Sleazy" sounded OK and are seemingly young and professional enough to ride out such a poor gig. Their enthusiasm on the night did warrant checking them out on Myspace, and I'm pleased to report that their studio output definitely does them more credit. Here's to a bright future guys.

The arrival of "Marq Torien" (looking strangely like Tyla meets Stephen Pearcy) did give a little blip on the old glam cardiograph, as the venue started to fill with Saturday night fuck wits and ex Thrash metal stars. Then this all new version of "Bulletboys", went and blew it in the very first song by not only opening with an "AC/DC" cover but by the drummer wrecking the snare on the hired back line (what a surprise that a group of young Irish rockers wouldn't carry a spare). A 10-minute plus chase ensued around the venue, not unlike a scene from a GLAM ROCK Wacky Races (shame there was no "Compact Pussycat" on site eh?) to find a replacement snare skin to ensure the show could continue.
Finally returning after what had already seemed like the end of the night, "Bulletboys" ran through tracks such as "Hard As A Rock" and "Kissing Kitty" and any initial momentum that had been gained was lost on a crowd seemingly here only to see one band.
The climax of "Smooth Up In Ya" did see some embarrassing shapes being silhouetted on the dance floor but if "Marq" thinks this is compelling stuff he is well off the glam starting line. Overall this was very disappointing and again the sound was truly dreadful.

At round about midnight the night's headliners "Enuff Z Nuff" took to the stage, to a massively improved sound (which by the way was still bad). Now off stage this band is fast turning into a "New York Dolls" like storyboard full of drama and intrigue and they still seem to manage to produce some damn fine quality albums, it is such a shame that not one percent of that drama comes across in a live setting. Yet again "Donnie Vie" sits out the trip to the UK due to the usual "reasons", and we are left with "Chip, Johnny and Rhys Ifans-alike Randi" to entertain the troops.

The simple fact that I was bored rigid during the set, speaks volumes for the lack of passion that the "band?" delivers such great songs as "Indian Angel" and "Baby Loves You"" these days. Saying that the dedicated huddled together at the front for the first time and seemed to love it, so who am I to critique? The ever-diminishing returns however, for bands of this ilk coming to the UK will inevitably (and thankfully) see tours such as these coming to a halt. So those of you who want to see one member of a once great band playing "David Bowie" covers along with the once awesome powerpop of "New Thing" had better get their tickets now (or better still buy a Tardis).

For me I'll stay at home and listen to the still superb CD's from these once great bands.

Now where is that sick bag?

by Johnny H.