Divina Icon Live @ The Mill, Preston (UK) - 16th September 2005

In a dark, converted cotton mill in an out of town corner of England's newest city, an unsuspecting crowd was gathered. Many had come to see yet another mediocre goth/rock band headline on home turf, they were about to get the shock of their miserable lives!

Looking sleazy yet glamorous, Divina Icon take to the stage. A barrage of pure unadulterated power pop, blended expertly with the meatiest of guitar riffs follows. Whoever decided to put these guys on as support to 'Asylum', either deserves a job in the diplomatic services or needs their head read. I say cheer up the sour faced goths and show them what an uplifting and enjoyable experience music should be!

The fantastically filthy 'Top Floor' tears the place apart with a great bassline, combined with glitterati-esque guitars, to create a throbbing frankensteinian hybrid. Although it will leave you feeling dirtier than a quickie with a Soho hooker, I thoroughly recommend the experience. The sleazy, behind the bikeshed, antics continue with 'More Than You Are' a wonderfully bouncy beat with fantastically grubby guitar and bass.

'Shail' is followed by the epic collision of sound, which is 'World Addict', a gorgeous piece of instrumentation, dripping with glampoppiness. This is how Suede would have sounded if they had actually been half the hedonists that they spent so long singing about being. The outstanding 'Little Devils' is an awesome example of quietly restrained instrumentation plunging headlong into loud riffs and pounding rhythms. A mix of Indie lead guitar, power chords and pulsing bass lines, which you can't help but find completely intoxicating.

Divina Icon are brilliant musicians with the uncanny ability to combine pop hooks with rock guitar, and make it work. Add to that a generous helping of glamorous yet wonderfully trashy vocals and you have a winning combination. People may say, you shouldn't play live with a drum machine, I say if you haven't found a drummer who can keep up, why should you have to settle for one who can't, until you find one who can?

by Talia Kane

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