Diamond Sins - Live @ Enigma Bar, Adelaide (Aus) April 2008

From 'raw' to 'ROAR'... that is the best way to describe the road travelled by Adelaide's own Diamond Sins over the past 18 months. From playing at a suburban football club back then, to now featuring as top billing at the city's premier rock venue, Enigma Bar, Diamond Sins are providing Adelaide with an experience not seen since the Candy Harlots hit town 2 decades ago.

Under the glow of a pinball machine and a dimly lit bar, Davey Damaged and his motley crew open the show with 'Night Prowler' performing like they have just been told that armageddon is imminent. These youngsters obviously have the energy to burn and are willing to leave everything they have on the stage. In addition to the energy, the combination of talent on display is uncanny! Vocals reminiscent of gravel in an empty bourbon can, a hard-nosed punk driven bass attitude, flashy but polished guitars, ... all underpinned with the kick-ass skins-woman behind the drums.

With the biggest gang vocals since Skid Row circa 1989, 'Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend' follows in a track that should become the bands fist thumping anthem. This is one of those tracks that draws the crowd in - high octane rock'n'roll at its best. 'I Don't Need Your Love' invites the masses to join in yet another anthem with the band sounding like they could make a new home in any sleazy bar in Sweden. The likes of Hardcore Superstar and Crashdiet may have revived the sleaze scene in recent years, but Diamond Sins are showing that southern hemisphere exports can deliver the goods just as well.

Delivering solid tracks like 'Freakshow' and 'Down The Drain' is definitely building the credibility of these newcomers. Delivering mainly originals the band also threw in the occasional cover, including a sensational rendition of the glam-punk anthem 'Delirious' (Hanoi Rocks).

Rattling off too many song titles at this stage is pointless as these guys are Adelaide's own secret.... a secret we're only too willing to share with the world. Already sharing stages with Aussie bands such as Hell City Glamours and The Deadthings, the only way for these guys to go is up. They have already claimed the local scene as their own, but I'm sure it won't be long before everyone will be jumping aboard the Diamond Sins express. Get your seat now cos I can assure you it will be a wild ride.

Set list: Night Prowler, Thrill Seeker, Freakshow, Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend, Delirious (Hanoi Rocks), Renegade, I Don't Need Your Love, Free Loader, Call Me (Blondie), Down The Drain, Look What The Cat Dragged In (Poison).

by Lindsay B.

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Photos courtesy of: http://spoz.blogspot.com/