An Introduction to Destine and their CD 'Light Speed'

"Destine is Holland's response to punk pop bands such as Fall Out Boy, Simple Plan and Paramore. With its distinctive American sound and appearance, it seems like only a matter of time before Destine becomes an established name in Europe. The five youngsters joined forces in 2006 and released 'A Dozen Dreams EP'. After this, a time of intensive touring followed: in the first year 70 shows were played in the Netherlands, England, Wales, Germany, France and Belgium. Also, the band was the support act for bands like New Found Glory and Fall Out Boy. The large amount of shows rapidly resulted in a steady fan base.
Destine have launched their own online TV-platform where people can follow the band's every move. Meanwhile, the band appeared on national TV and radio, including the song 'Last Scene of a Plane Crash' being used for a commercial on TV station Comedy Central."

The album has many strong songs on it, showcasing the band developing song-writing skills, and they keep their sound commercial enough to attract fans in their masses!

A very very good album!

Rating 10/10

"" "" Taken from Destine biography

by Barry Gennard

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