Dead By Dawn

Just because Halloween is over, SOME of you think it's safe to go out atnight. And there's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING scary in music anymore, right? I mean, no Nine Inch Nailsanywhere in sight... Marilyn Manson's makin' like Bowie now. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself (or perhaps the possibility of a Captain & Tenille reunion...)

Don't you think you've overlooked Dead By Dawn?

They've released two CDs so far! They've played countless live shows! They've frightened your moral superiors! They stood out like a shaft ofgold when all around was Grunge! The've done many things that I can't talk about until after the inquest! There's been some intimation that they were involved in staining Monica Lewinski's dress and they assure me it was something far worse than you think it was! (OK, I'm exagerating...)

It all started when vocalist T.C. (ex of The Hangdogs) met up with guitarist Staci T. Rat (ex of Jack Damage who, back in the day, enjoyed the same position now held by The Sinisters as the hottest up and coming bandout of Toronto). They hooked up with bass player Mr. Bones and drummer Ragz (ex of the fantastic vampire-glam Infexious) They hit the groundrunning with a killer (literally) stage show and the debut CD "After I Eat Your Brains" After a few shake-ups in the rhythm section department which left the neucleus of T.C. and Staci intact, they've since released the second CD "Devilution" with new drummer Captain Dope. As it happens, they're still looking for a bass player. (Rumor has it that they were unsuccessful in having Sid Vicious exhumed). But they're still at it with fill-in bass player Mick Fubar.

Bottom line : these guys are just plain evil. Check 'em out. How? Well for a start, check out . See the depravity first hand! Then buy the CDs! And the T-Shirts! And the official Staci T. Rat blow-up doll (the one with the multiple vibrating piercings costs a little more, but believe me : it's worth it, baby!

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Written by Adolf Chri$t, edited by Andreas Persson