Christmas Special

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells. The Hells Bells are ringing louder and louder as Christmas is approaching. Are your favourite rockstars dreaming of a white christmas? How do they plan to celebrate the holidays? Glitzine decided to do an x-rated X-mas special and ask some well-known glam/sleaze rockers the following three questions:

1) Where will you spend the holidays?
2) What would be the ultimate Christmas gift for you this year?
3) What are your plans for 1999?

Teddy - Rebel Rebel
1) We will be in the studio in San Diego during the holidays.
2) What I would like for the holidays is a huge recording contract from Geffen delivered by a nude Cindy Crawford and Leeanne Tweeden.
3) For 1999 we will have a new release and tour of Europe. Jon Mathias and Tony James (Sigue Sigue Sputnik) are producing our new stuff, so we're good til 2000!!

Kurt Frohlich - The Loving Dead
1) I'm spending the holidays with my parents in Edmonton Canada.
2) Ultimate gift would be an Ace Frehley model Les Paul.
3) Plans for the new year are a new Loving Dead CD and tour our asses off!

Jonnie McKayne - Guttersluts
1) In Florida with Family & New York with Friends
2) Uh... I dont celebrate Xmas, sorry. But if I did I guess I'd like an Iceman
3) Guitar, lefty, and purple, gotta be purple.
To tour our Asses off and put out yeat another CD!

Darren - Exit 21
1) ANS:In the studio, remixing 'southpark (f*cked up hanky poo mix2)' For inclusion on something secret in the near future. (Mr Hankey is the Xmas Poo from Southpark cartoon, the original mix can be found at our site.)
2) Dana International in my stocking, or hers or eh...:) Alternatively, a 'cubased up' G3 power mac.
3) EXiT21-3tk.CD/tape 'codename:PROTOTYPE' get's released at the end
of Janauary, followed by a UK tour.

John Tonic
1) the John Tonic band members will spend the holidays with their families. Eating and drinking alot. Unwrapping gifts and so on.
2) A recording deal with a $1000000000000000 advance.
3) We finally have a new drummer - Ralph - and started working on new tunes this
week. Our new demo should be out end of febuary with something in between 5-8
songs. And then, tour, tour, tour, tour!

Sean (formerly Baby Dolls)
1) Beneath the sheets and before a fire in a 19th century Victorian.
2) A trip to France with Angel.
3) Publication and finally finding that elusive guitar player (there aren't any left in L.A.)

Joe Hutchinson - The Hutchinsons
1. I'm gonna spend the Christmas holidays in L.A.with family, and between bites of fruitcake and eggnog in the recording studio.
2. The ultimate x-mas gift this year would be to have a hit song that gets played on the radio as much as that "Sex & Candy" song which we all fucking are sick of!
3. Plans for 1999 are to "make it happen".

Craig Cashew - Trash Brats
1) This Christmas I will spending it with family.
2) The ultimate present would be 10 million dollars.
3) As for 1999 I hope for health, happyness and a lot of fun.....

Drew - Vamp
1) I will be home for the x-mas season, I spent Thanksgiving in London. So I
plan on hanging around the house for once this year.
2) My x-mas present would be for a completed VAMP album!
3) I have alot planned for 99, to early to go into detail but it will be big.

R.S. Saidso

1)Where will you spend the holidays? Well I was suppose to be in Paris, but due to obligations to my label, I will be stuck in the studio somewhere in Cleveland, Ohio.......
2) To be in Arizona....
3) I will be performing throughout Europe starting in March, I am working on a new cd slated for release, and I am up for a movie roll in the states.. Plus I will continue to work with bands producing and writing.. 1999 is going to be the year of SAIDSO.....

Tim Hervey - The Bomb Pops
1) I will spend the Holidays-drinking way too much-Smoking way too little and
writing songs about it..
2) This is easy--Jennifer Love Hewitt and Alyssa Milano in a Menage-a-tois..
3) Record and release the next Bomb Pops cd, tour different countries and hopefully fully bust out The Bomb Pops to REAL success..

Spider - Detox Darlings
1. Detox Darlings will be spending the holidaze in New York CIty, the biggest, dirtiest, most dangerous and expensive place on the planet! Where else would you want to be on new year's eve?!
2. The ultimate Christmas gift for me would be a magical martini glass that refills itself endlessly and stay forever chilled. A giant jar of olives would be nice too!
3. Detox Darlings plans stay pretty much the same from year to year. Why
mess with perfection! We're going to keep on rocking, recording, touring,living and loving as loud, fast and hard as we possibly can for all our friends from around the world! If there's one or two things I could change, it's that I want to drink more Jack Daniels, wear lots more liquid eyeliner and if time permits, maybe even learn a fourth chord!

Ronny - The Jones Gang
1. I'm spending the Holidays in L.A. with my family and friends
2. The ultimate Christmas gift would be a major label record deal (hell, we'll take K-telrecords at this point)
3. In 1999 we will be releasing a new EP, shopping for a deal and as of now we are talking to a few band about getting an east coast to west coast tour going.

Tim - Spiders & Snakes
1) Spiders & Snakes are spending the holidays preparing for some very important
upcoming live shows in Hollywood. On New Year's Eve, Spiders & Snakes will be opening for Bret Michaels and CC DeVille's Bombs Over Broadway at Hollywood's
infamous Roxy Theatre on the Sunset Strip! It will be a combination New Year's Party and also a special movie promotion for Bret's "Letters from a deathrow" motion picture that recently opened.
2) Spiders & Snakes are also proud to announce that they got exactly what they wanted for Christmas - a record deal! Yes, in early 1999, Spiders & Snakes will be releasing their debut CD for Lonely Planet (a division of Century Media Records) for exclusive distribution in Japan through JVC Victor Musical Entertainment. This full-length CD, entitled "London Daze", will be the band's sixth (6th) release since their inception back in 1990.

Psycho Gypsy
1) Eddie and Mykel from Psycho Gypsy will spend Christmas in Detroit Michigan (hangin' with the Trash Brats hopefully) visiting relatives, Tim and Eric will remain in Arizona with thier families.
2) Eddie's ultimate christmas present is (actor) Leonardo Dicaprio and (singer) Doro Pesch both naked together at the same time, Tims's is (actress) Selma Hiyack (naked of course), Mykel's is(model on the Ratt cd's , and David Coverdale's ex wife) Tawny Kitaen, Eric's is (pornostar ) Traci Lords (all naked of course).
3) 1999 will bring a full lenght CD, new more outrageous look, and
merchandise galore for Psycho Gypsy!!!

Kitty Kowalski - The Kowalskis
1)In New York City under the tree in Rockefeller Center.
2) A hand-held shower head. On every girl's wish list (Buy one for your girlfriends - trust me on this). Oh, also a couple of weeks on the Vans Warped Tour. and a 100 Watt Hiwatt Half stack. I'm not greedy.
3) To get my #@#%$@ record out, dominate the world, ban shorts for boys on
stage, baseball caps and sneakers (except converse high tops) and force
everybody to wear tight clothing.

Candy Apples - Temptress
1. I will spend the holidays at my parent's house, embarassing them that I was ever born
2. The ultimate Xmas gift would be a package consisting of ... booze (I like Jagermeister, Vodka, rum & shelf only please...hell, I'll drink pretty much anything!) cigarettes (Camel), sluts (1 blond, 1 brunette, 1 redhead), a Les Paul & a Marshall stack, some drugs and some money!
3. My plans for 1999 are to rock & shock & kick ass, to further my career,
and, in the words of Paul Stanley..."Put everything I can into my mouth"!

Kiki Blast (formerly Prom Queen Starz)
1) Mr. Kiki Blast will be down in the Carribean ( St. Thomas, St. Johns, And Tortolla) getting naked with some very horny girls, Drinking lots of boooze and partying until I drop, want to Cum, Ha Ha.,
2) The ultimate present would be to have all these girls, respectfully that is, be wrapped with cool whip, chocalate syrup, ice cream, cherries, nuts, jello, etc... you get the idea, basically what a treat, and then I get the pleasure of eating all of it until it's gone, sounds kinky and an awesome time don't it, still want to Cum, Ha Ha.
3) As for 1999, with Prom Queen Starz broken up, I am working on some new material with me singing onit, some 4-track stuff. I will send a copy when I'm done, with some pictures too, I promise. Well I hope you like my x-rated holiday, actually I am going there with my wife Kathy, for a romantic get away and then stop in Orlando on New Years Eve to see Rick Springfield in Concert. We just saw him a month ago and he was really good, excellent show.

Dizzy Draztik - The Rejects
1) Most Likely drunk in the gutter, looking for some cute little elfgirl who need her stocking stuffed.
2) A Complete New York Dolls reunion. (yeah right, too many dead bastards for that to happen), a couple of hours alone with Jenna Jameson and some honey and for once, not to puke at one of our showz.
3) The Rejects will be doing stuff, kinda secret at the moment. I will be doing some solostuff and debuting a new project as well. I'll also probably continue to drinkt too much, perform like a porn star and cointinue to try to seduce my way into bedrooms and barooms across this fucked up planet.

Priscila - Miss Tress
1) Im going home (Brazil) for a month! It's Summer, gotta go!
2) .mmm.....a gibson les paul custom maybe?
3) keep rocking in LA and get more of our stuff recorded. Become a rockstar and tour all over the world