For those who are unfortunate enough to not know who Candy is, I feel truly sorry for you. While Candy in it's original form has been gone for ten years, the album the band released in 1985 is still, in my opinion, the greatest album of pop/rock ever released.

Candy's line-up was Kyle Vincent on vocals (new album on Hollywood Records), Gilby Clarke on guitar (of Guns n' Roses), John Schubert on drums and the immortal songwriter Jonathan Daniel on bass.

The Album, entitled "Whatever Happened to Fun" was released on Mercury/Polygram Records in 1985 and had one single and video, the titletrack "Whatever Happened toFun". This song is in my opinion, very possibly, the best pop song ever written. I listen to it every day and I never ever get tired of it...

The Band's sound was one of total Sunset Strip mid - 80's pop. Songs about being sixteen and all the problems one encounters at that time of their life. The band was ahead of it's time of their life by a few years, and for some reason just didn't catch on. The Band did do a tour opening up for Corey Hart, but eventually fell apart when vocalist Kyle Vincent decided to split from the band. The Record company didn't want to keep the band signed with Gilby Clarke singing, so they lost their deal after just one album.

What few people realize is that Candy never really broke up. They changed a couple of members, changed their sound, and continued on until today. After Kyle left, Gilby took the vocals and they added a second guitarist Ryan Roxie. Soon after the band lost their record deal, Gilby left to form Kill For Thrills, the band added vocalist Shane, and they changed their name to Electric Angels. In fact, the name Electric Angels comes from the lyrics of an old unreleased Candy song "Oh Johnny". Electric Angels, as most of you know, released an album on Atlantic Records in 1990. After that record deal fell through after just one album, Ryan Roxie left the band and they continued to on with hired-gun guitarist John Ceprano under the new name of The Loveless. The Loveless released an independent album in 1995 entitled "A Tale of Gin and Salvation" which is second only to the Candy album as far as my favourite albums of all time...

For those of you who aren't familiar with Candy, I suggest you find out more about them. If you like pure pop and huge choruses that will ring in your head long after you shut off the tape, I promise you will love Candy. A new twist of the story is that Jonathan Daniel tells me that Mercury/Polygram intends to re-release the Candy album from 1985 on CD soon and put it back in stores. Look for it!

Stay Forever young
by Sandi Shanyn

Glitzine: Candy's question "Whatever Happened to fun" is as motivated as ever and their music is still superior.