Bubblegum Slut Zine

I'll be the first to admit, I've been pretty lapse on buying zines in the past. Why, I have no idea, especially with talented writers and good friends such as Rob Lane (Trashpit) and Carl Isonhart (Sonic Ruin) producing outstanding contributions to the ever-dying zine world.

Another fantastic contributor is Alison B. (Bubblegum Slut). Unfortunately, this is the first copy I've ever owned, but I guarantee, it will not be the last. For those who are looking for a seriously ram-packed, fun-filled rock n' roll fanzine, this is the one for you!

Not only will you find the usual 'expected to see' interviews, CD and gig reviews; in Issue 25 you've also got features on "High Fashion for the Rock n' Roll Haute Couture"; Tom Spencer's "Tattoo Glass" and your very own Horror Movie do and don't watch column.

The most amusing highlight for me was hearing Slunt's comments on when they got turfed out of a local hotel in my hometown by riot police… a night many of my friend's won't forget in a hurry! Other highlights include: Hardcore Superstar/Heart Attacks Interviews and of course the "High Fashion for the Rock n' Roll Haute Couture".

My only criticism… font size/print depth! I'd suggest either of the following… the print depth to be made darker, the zine to be expanded making the font slightly larger or release more issues. It's quite hard on the eyes, especially when riveted to the pages, but I do understand cost/time issues.

Issue 26 is due for release March 2007, so make sure you drop by Alison's myspace page (or email), send her all your cash and wait by the door with baited breath.

by Spice D. Warlock

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