Bubblegum Screw Live @ Club Cavaral, Manchester (UK) - 27th October 2007

You would not believe the amount of people that looked at me with wide eyes when asked what I was doing at the weekend... "I'm off to Manchester to see Bubblegum Screw"!
It took a while to actually sink in that I was going to see a band and this was their name... I kid you not! But please, can someone remind me next time I'm waiting for a band to finish soundcheck NOT to start drinking Black Russians, followed by mass amounts of Kahlua. Yes, it definitely gets one merry, however, it does seem to leave ones head wishy-washy... so to say.

This was a weekend I'd decided to chill out in Preston, it's not often I don't have plans and it seemed like an age since I'd been to the local… and that was that! Invited to Manchester, and how could I refuse? I'd begun to wonder how busy the gig would be, Tigertailz were playing the Academy, a space of 2 minutes walk away from the Bowling Green, and having never even heard of Club Cavaral before, let alone seen advertised gigs for the place... I hoped in my heart of hearts though that the muso's of Manchester would be out in force to show their support. For me personally, I definitely made the right decision on heading to Manchester to see these guys and wouldn't have had it any other way.

But blimey-o-riley, what a multi-national gathering the night turned out to be. Bubblegum Screw consists of a German, a Jew, a New Zealander and I have no idea where Mark and Mike are from, but I'm sure you may be wondering where you've seen them before… think London, think 'Dead Famous'! But whatever you do, do not think of this band as being just another re-hash trying to make it in different form. They're in a class of their own! And fair due to them for actually turning out as they were all suffering quite badly with this nasty evil cold swarming its way round the country.

So what to expect? Well the guys classify themselves on myspace as Punk/Garage/Glam. Do I agree? Hell yeah! Their influences domineer everything, from stage presence to attitude to length of track to the most important factor; sound, which to be honest makes a refreshing change. There are so many bands out there who state their band influences when really they should be saying, ok, these are the bands we listen to, but they've got fuck all to do with what we're actually producing!

Firing on all eight cylinders (to coincide quite nicely with their 8 song setlist) the guys delivered a splintering punk fuelled exploit of rock n' roll delight with opener 'Love Is Inspiration', waking their audience in one fail swoop, and after the tripe we'd had to listen to beforehand, we needed waking. And wake with a smile is what I did.

Imagine amalgamating Iggy & the Stooges, Faster Pussycat, The Orphan Punks and The Damned and you'll be one step closer to the reality that Bubblegum Screw truly are. There really was no stopping the onslaught of sleaze infused punk, the only problem, the set seemed to be over before it really begun, which left me distraught and begging to hear more.

It was an absolute pleasure to have had the opportunity to hang with these guys and even more a pleasure to have seen them live. If you miss this chance, shame on you!

and to finish, as I said I would...... Bubblegum Screw 'RUNNING FREE' in Manchester!

by Spice D. Warlock

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