Marc Bolan: 1947-1977 A Chronology by Cliff McLenehan

I don't know what's sadder: Marc Bolan's decent into alcoholism and self-destruction or so much of the Western press' bitterness toward him. Despite having wrote some truly wacky lyrics *"Lady, your lips are the most, Baby your mouth is like a ghost" the glitter gnome crafted some 'ripshit' fun music, proving to be the true **"Zayde" of Punk Rock.

Cliff McLenehan has provided a thorough, day-to-day chronology of Bolan's life during his years of self-destruction, some would say 'the most vital days of his career'; painstakingly researched with more information than anyone could possibly need to know. Complete with reviews, clippings and show advertisements; 'Marc Bolan 1947-1977 A Chronology' provides an invaluable companion for collectors everywhere or anyone who loved Bolan and T.Rex. Unfortunately, those who fail to share my enthusiasm will no doubt be bored to tears as McLenehan leans more toward the academic historical research rather than the roots to Bolan's success and demise.

*From "Raw Ramp"
**Zayde (Yiddish, pronounced "Zay - deh") = Grandfather

by guest writer Luke Alberts