Baby Bitch, The Exorsisters & 6 Seconds From Dallas Live @ The Bobbin, Lancaster (UK) - Thursday 22nd December 2005

This pre-Christmas cracker, played to a healthy Lancaster crowd, brought us one of the finest new bands of 2005 and some enthusiastic, if not spectacular support acts. First to hit the stage were '6 Seconds From Dallas' from Preston and they're roughly 15 years too late. Their raw, loose, grunge fuzz-fest, follows a set formula of dynamic shifts between verse and chorus. It's nothing new, no longer inspires and certainly does not carry the same conviction of 'genre mates', Elcho. There are some good moments, but these are interspersed with banality. 'White Noise' harkens Nirvana's 'Breed' and 'All Years I hate' is a dark, brooding-mass of bass and Black meets Thurston Moore lead work.

The negative moments come in the shape of 'Beauty Sleeps', which is a slice of substandard Pixies and The James Gang cover of 'Collage', which was never going to live up to the original version. As a live spectacle only lead guitarist, Chaz Hine shows any ounce of charisma. His excellent lead work/abuse (delete as applicable) is the only thing that maintains the audience attention, but his exuberance is clearly not infectious. Bassist Ben ably holds things together whilst concentrating on staying upright and breathing, occasionally. Bobby (drummer) appears to be preoccupied and lays down the most basic of basic beats, whilst mindfully dislodging food from his teeth (or so it appeared).
There was a time for '6 Seconds From Dallas', but they were all in primary school when it came.

Next up were 'The Exorsisters', a band that not only look awful, but their woeful mix of The Ramones, The Cramps and other bands starting with 'The' left me feeling unclean. I was offended on so many levels that had to leave halfway through their putrid set in order to flagellate myself. They appear to be enjoying themselves and do receive a good response, but bore me to a veritable stupor. The end can't come soon enough and after a set littered with fragile songs, inept covers and onstage theatrics that should not be witnessed by those of a sensitive nature, 'The Exorsisters' are gone.

The main course this evening is 'Baby Bitch', a band that up until recently I thought were a tidy, non-threatening little band from Preston. Oh how wrong I have been! Baby Bitch write superb songs that stay with the listener. Their choruses seem to bore themselves into your skull with the grace of a silken breezeblock and they write better hooks than 'The Wildhearts'. In fact I'm at a loss to describe how good this band really is. There's no superlative I could bestow upon them that could actually do them justice.

'I get what I want' opens their set and this anthemic little ditty is delivered with its usual precision and fervour. 'Pussycat' & 'Heart Throb', with it's catchy chorus and the best bassline since 'Longview' give way to my own personal favourite, 'Bad Candy'. This is not the usual bouncy BB fayre we've come to expect, but represents a darker Velvet Revolver feel, reprising the original hook to great effect. Normal service is resumed with 'I want to be Corrupted', another sing-a-long anthem. The only downside to this high-octane set is 'Raging Hormones', weakest both musically and lyrically, but to say that is also to give credit to the rest of their set. They simply have far too much good material, if that's possible? 'I touch myself' is a well placed and a very admirable cover, taken down to one guitar and a single vocal over the mid-section, before Waynes' metronomic drum-roll kicks things up a gear. 'When I'm good I'm very, very good, but when I'm bad I'm better', is the final offering of the evening and is a fitting tribute to a band that is still relatively new upon the scene, yet continues to draw plaudits and fans with abject ease.

Their brilliant and incendiary live performances are proof perfect that we finally have an heir apparent to The Wildhearts throne. All hail the 'Bitch'!

by G.

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