Time For Babies To Grow Up?

"Total 13" was a true breakthrough album. That rock-chaos-of-an album made the four Swedish small-town rockers, worldwide rockstars. But such a successful album also puts a lot of pressure on a band. BACKYARD BABIES' next album must be at least as good as "Total 13". Speaking of the new album, what will it sound like? Have the babies grown up? Are they as angry as on the last release? If their single "Is it Still alright to smile" is anything to go by, the sound will be a bit more catchy and less aggressive.

Guitarist Dregen told Glitzine that the new album will be out around Christmas. Probably an obvious Christmasgift to all the BBfans out there. Dregen and Nicke Borg are currently mixing the album in LA. The Working title is "Bad Boys United" and some songtitles are; "Three Wise Monkeys", "Bigger With A Trigger", "Payback", "Heaven 2,9", "Too Tough To Make Some Friends", "Brand New Hate" (c/o Written by Ginger from the WILDHEARTS), "My Demonic Side" and "The Kids Are Right" (isn't that last songtitle very SHAM 69? Especially if the album is called "Bad Boys United").

The Babies recently played a secret gig at London's Astoria Theater under the pseudonym "Bad Boys United", probably to promote their new albumtitle as well as trying some new songs.

In a couple of months, we'll know if BACKYARD BABIES is at the beginning of a successful career as rockstars or if "Total 13" was just a fluke.

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