Backyard Babies - Live @ Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall, UK 12th April 2009

Total 14 - that's not me messing up the title of one of the greatest albums of the nineties, it's actually the number of times I've now seen Sweden's finest sleaze rockers "Backyard Babies".

I have to be totally honest and say that the recent album "Backyard Babies" hardly stoked the fires of my black (metal) heart, and at a recent Newport TJ's show (that was Total 13 incidentally) I was so under whelmed that I vowed to retire the band from my gig list, just to preserve the fantastic memories I have of previous shows..

So, how glad I was that whimsy wasn't realised and an impulse to rediscover the new album led me to take one last punt at the "Bay Boys Utd" live on their co headline UK tour with Finnish goth/pop imps "The Rasmus".
Arriving at one of my favourite UK venues, the ambience was immediately set to maximum thrill level by a killer PA playing everything from "Nashville Pussy" to "Lords of The New Church". The stage set with Peder's kit and "Backyard Babies" skull and cross bones backdrop at least meant it would be an early night for this gig goer.

An all-new and slightly surreal piano intro tape heralded the arrival of our rock n roll heroes and "BANG!!" we're away with the new single "Degenerated". Immediately it was obvious that this was a far more relaxed version of the band than the one I'd witnessed back at the tail end of 2008, and the set list dipped much more freely into the bands illustrious back catalogue. As a result "Payback" and "Everybody Ready" are both dusted off to add that extra wow factor to the infectious newbies such as "Nomadic". But it is on the classics "UFO Romeo" and "Look At You" that the band truly hit their collective stride and the Wulfrun walls shake to their Grade 2 listed foundations.

This truly was (a very) Good Friday, and with spectre of the twelve-inch cover of "Babylon" from way back when, in the back of mind, the unfolding resurrection of four of my latter day glam/punk icons, seemed almost prophetic. A highlight of the bands much more relaxed attitude to their set came mid way through when Nicke was addressing the crowd ahead of "Back On the Juice" by asking if Tim Taylor (Tyla) really was from Wolverhampton, only for his question to be met with a virtual dust ball of silence rolling over stage front. Queue yours truly to shout Yeah!!! in solo and Nicke to reply "I guess we are just a different generation man".

Total 14 - that's not me messing up the title of one of the greatest albums of the nineties, it's actually the average age of the people left in the Wulfrun after the "Backyard Babies" set. Which coincidently, we promptly helped lower, as soon as "Robbie Williams" was heard pumping out on the pre "Rasmus" PA.

Fuck that shit, and welcome back "Backyard Babies".

by Johnny H.

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