Backyard Babies Live @ Wictoria, Karlskoga (Sweden) - 27th February 2009

For the first time since 2005 Backyard Babies played in Karlskoga, Sweden, and a couple of hundred people attended the show. Backyard Babies entered the stage at midnight and started with the song 'Degenerated' from their self titled album released last year, and the audience went wild. The gig continued with songs like 'UFO Romeo' and 'Star War'. Nicke Borg, guitarist and singer, took a moment to talk to the audience about their 20-year anniversary and about him having a cold, and asked the audience to sing along as much as they could. At the end of his speech he asked the audience to once again show that Karlskoga has the wildest audience. The band played it hard and with lots of energy, and tried to make the best of the show, even though Wictoria has a terrible sound system and the acoustics is possibly the worst. But songs like 'Look At You' and 'Minus Celsius' lifted the gig and made it a bit worthy at least. The best thing about the gig was the fantastic comments by Dregen; he talked a lot and didn't seem to be serious at all, he also seemed to have missed the smoking ban, since he gladly smoked on stage.

A nice piece in their performance was the playing of the new single 'Fuck Off and Die', it was energy and the audience more or less had stopped caring about the quality of the music, they just wanted to rock. Bottles of beer flew around and the audience started to crowd surf. They wanted to get out their 'Brand New Hate' later on played as well.

A nice ending of the concert was the chef's hat Dregen put on for the final performance, and when the show was over it was easy to state that Karlskoga still has the wildest audience, because the floor was almost completely covered in broken glass.

This could have been a good gig if it wasn't for the terrible sound that was even worse than it normally is, and if this is the way they sound live, then they shouldn't play. The gig had its highlights but with bad sound, not even this could save the show. Let's hope they prove they're better than this next time.

Rating: 4/10

by Johanna Salo

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