The Babies Are Back

Backyard Babies' second full-length album - "Total 13" - was a world wide success. The expectations on the last great rockband, as the band modestly labeled themselves in Swedish TV show a couple of weeks ago, are very high.

The long awaited follow-up album was first titled "Bad Boys United" but changed to "Making Enemies in Good". A line taken from the single "Brand New Hate" and which means that you should stick to your guns no matter what other thinks.

The Video to "Brand New Hate" was directed by highly regarded Jonas Åkerlund (MADONNA, PRODIGY) which proves that BMG believe in this band. Åkerlund's video is pretty cool but looks more like a videogame than a rockvideo. Backyard Babies have already convinced the rockers and it's obvious that they now, with the new video, aim at the kids. The Song has the potential to be a hit, eventhough I personally think it's weaker than "Look at You" the first single from "Total 13". It's easy to hear that it was c/o written with Ginger from THE WILDHEARTS.

The Album "Making Enemies is Good" has been out a couple of weeks in Sweden and the reviews have been decent. Most reviewers think it's a solid rockalbum but disappointing compared to the standard set by "Total 13". If the first album sounded like GUNS N ROSES, the second like SOCIAL DISTORTION, the new one comes much closer to WILDHEARTS and Sweden's SATOR. It's more commercial and not as aggressive as previous releases. Maybe that's the path to stardom but unfortunately "Making Enemies is Good" also lack strong songs. Backyard Babies is a perfect example of a case where the band is much better than the music (THE DONNAS are another example). The Music aren't that impressive but together with the attitude and image, it makes out a great package. Backyard Babies aren't that much better than most bands but they are cooler, which always is and was very important in rock n roll. Therefore will "Making Enemies is Good" probably take them to the next level and maybe they will become tne next great rockband.

by Andreas Persson

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