Baby Bitch Live @ 12 Bar, Preston (UK) - Friday 5th August 2005

On the eve of what was possibly the last weekend of one of the best live band venues in Preston, a five piece local band took to the stage. Dressed in black jeans and a burgundy shirt unbuttoned to the waist, Stephen Buckley took a deep breath. The more than adequate crowd waited eagerly…

'We want your hearts,
We want your souls,
We want your children,
So let's fuckin' go!'

A massive cheer filled the room, and the crowd went mental as the band kicked into 'I Want More'. I was immediately thrilled that I had to come to do the review, or I would have lived however much longer, having missed this gem of glampunkmetalness. The audic assault continued with 'Pussycat', and the delightfully glampunky 'Miss Miss'.

It wasn't technically perfect (whose live gigs ever are?) but there were some great set pieces, and the rhythm changes and timing were well thought out. Buckley's confidence showed and whether or not this is your kind of 'thing', you could not take away the fact that these guys had the audience transfixed. Without trying they had the obedient audience singing and clapping along to 'Bad Candy', but hey, they deserve to have.

A pretty lively gathering sang along to 'Corrupted' and were treated to a fantastically energetic performance from the whole band (who seemingly do it without having to try). It was fantastic to see a band who were genuinely having a great time, instead of the contrived performances sometimes seen.

All too soon the end of the set was upon us, the crescendo was reached, the band rocked out and gave it everything. Instruments were set aside and the band, looking so alive, stepped away.

The relentless mob insisted on having more, their hunger not sated. Following a quick re-tune after thrashing the nuts off the guitars during 'When I'm good, I'm very very good', the demanding hordes were treated to one fanfuckin'tastic version of The Divinals 'I Touch myself'.

In spite of technical problems, (mainly Stephen's mic cutting out when the ass kicking noise got to a certain level), the band delivered the kind of fabulously dramatic performance that you would hope for from an over the top Glam band…

…Glitzy, dazzling and wonderfully extravagant.

But after all that, there remains only one thing to say…..

Fuck yeah!!

by 'Spice's buddy who unsuspectedly volunteered'

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