AntiProduct Live @ Club Masquerade, Allentown, PA (USA) - 5th March 2008

Welcome, I bid you welcome… tonight inside the Electric Circus… Well that is what Blackie Lawless sang twenty years ago about himself and WASP. Fast forward twenty years and that is now the song for the band known as AntiProduct, featuring A. Product (Alex Kane) whom some of you might remember from the band from the early nineties Life, Sex & Death.

AntiProduct's rock n' roll circus came rolling into Allentown, PA tonight with a show that brought more smoke, lights, energy and music to make the Ringling brothers jealous.

With a very small turnout I thought to myself this might not be a good show, or they will just go through the motions and move onto the next town, BOY WAS I WRONG!!

A Product came out and said to the crowd right off the bat, it is a small crowd but it doesn't matter to me, your going to get the same show as if we were playing a festival to 50,000, and he wasn't kidding. He was jumping on and off the stage into the small but vocal crowd, giving it all as if it was his last show.

The band which features the 6ft female guitarist Clare Product, who looks intimidating on stage as she puts every inch of that 6ft frame into the intensity of not just the music but the AntiProduct show itself.

The band also included on this tour Stacii Grim on drums, Stitch on bass, and Mixi on guitars/keys, these 3 who all have separate music endeavors that are also impressive, currently round out the band and I just wish they had a stage big enough to really let loose and give the crowd even more.

As they tore through songs that covered their eight year career, such as opener "Rules We Rock n' Roll By", "Bungee Jumpin' People Die", "Better Than This" and of course, the final song which no other band should even attempt to cover because AntiProduct's version is so good. They should just officially claim they wrote it, the song I hear you all asking was from the Rocky Horror Picture show - "Time Warp".

A rock n' roll show was delivered on this evening, that really should have been delivered to a stadium in Europe not a small basement rock club in Pennsylvania, and after what I witnessed tonight, it made the 90 minute drive to see a band that is on its way to take over America, one by one (and they would have it no other way) well and truly worth it.

by Bay Breez

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