American Sugar Bitch Live @ North Star Bar - August 23rd 2003

American Sugar Bitch just a bunch of FREAKS!!!!

The band, who, are really creating a buzz on the Philly scene at the moment are American Sugar Bitch. Their music style takes a lil' bit of hard rock, a lil' bit of punk rock, a lil' bit of glam rock, and at times, a lil' bit of pop rock, and when this is all thrown into the blender, it makes Sugar Bitch a complete.

American Sugar Bitch are the vision of its founder Dave Weakley, who some might remember as the bass player for Roughhouse. But even though Roughhouse are back on the scene, times are different. People play for two, three or even four bands at once and Dave manages to do this extremely well.

(Dave - vocalist/guitarist, Tommy Krash - lead guitars, Matt Nardo - Bass and Nuzzi - drums).

The band did a short set tonight, which was straight and to the point, opening up with 'Freak'. I'm not too sure about all the songs, so I'll probably make a mistake or two as I didn't write the set list down.

'Strange Fruit', 'Go' and 'Greenthumb' I'm pretty sure were up next. One thing I did notice was the band had added a few choreographed moves to their set, ala old KISS/Judas Priest, which was cool. A couple other songs they played were 'Run' and 'Everything' (the more I hear 'Everything' it really gets me thinking that if this song was given the chance, it could be a hit), you could picture yourself cranking it up and cruising while singing along to it. This is definitely a song you would hear on the radio and not just from your own CD.

Things started to go a lil' strange and freaky. You can tell this band are out there just to have a good time, play their music, and maybe even shock a few people. As bass player Matt talked to the crowd, he informed them that Dave was getting himself ready for the next song. 'I Hate You' started and Dave turned round to reveal an S&M mouth gag, strapped around his head. You could hear people in the crowd gasp and whisper, as they didn't know how to respond to the fact that Dave was singing the entire song gagged. After the 1st verse however, the crowd seemed to become more accustomed and started to sing along with the chorus in an attempt to help out the gagged vocalist.

Finally the band did their anthem, and a song, which I'm hoping will be on the new American Sugar Bitch CD titled 'Work Sucks'. Words cannot describe this song, it is literally an in your face rock n roll track, with let us say, a very strong and true message.

Well, if I messed up any songs, or forgot any, I just want to apologize to everyone. I'd planned on grabbing the set list after the show, but since they had to cut their set short, they changed everything anyhow. But if you need any more info on the band, you would like to order their 1st CD or see where one of their next shows are, check out their webpage.

by Bay Breez

Visit the American Sugar Bitch Website