Acey Slade/Patchwork Grace/Plastic Toys - Live @ The Fly, London (UK) - 13th May 2009

What a topsy turvy endeavour of an evening this turned out to be! Name a gig, any gig! Now state who you would expect to stand out… the support or the headliner?
Now whether you believe me or not, (in my eyes) the support acts stole this particular evening and that also includes whooping the ass off the Burlesque dancers. Don't get me wrong the inclusion of a Burlesque show added a significant sparkle in the eyes of many a guy (and gal) in the audience, but…as for the 'wow' factor the girls were more like a flickering candle; whereupon I expected an atomic bomb to have exploded before my very eyes! One girl (dare I say it) was wrong, really wrong, displaying an act that was plain,cheap and tacky. Every boy in town was gripped to the final spider-girl act. Slender, tall, extremely beautiful and slinking over every crevice of a larger than life spider web. She even turned her attention to the wonderful drag queen who introduced the girls, teasing him into her lair, making him her prey (turns out, this wonderful drag queen was a guy I've known for quite a few years, did I recognise him to start, did I hell… but thank you Kurt, I had some curious glances on the bus back home with that juicy kiss mark on my forehead hahaha!)
But on to the music…..
Plastic Toys hit the stage with swagger and sleaze, blowing up a storm from start to finish; just try and stop yourself from swaying those hips to this rockin smooth groove. These guys are a pure delight and I'm proud to say 'they're British!' I'd missed out on seeing them play so many times and to be truthful, I didn't know they were playing tonight. From here-on-in, I can guarantee any show I can get to, I sure as hell will! As should you! The entire set was powerful and energetic; these guys also really know how to harmonise together. I honestly could not fault anything. An absolute pleasure to the ears and come highly recommended.
My main surprise of the night was Patchwork Grace. I was stood there kind of with my jaw on the floor, thinking back on previous reviews I'd wrote. I was ashamed! I don't know if it's the fact my musical tastes are forever expanding, but… fantastic! I'd even go as far as saying amazing! Patchwork Grace have really got it goin on; when's the next show? I was bouncing inside with a huge grin on my face. Tori and the guys were on fire, powering out rhythm and melody and not forgetting the coolest lil Michael Jackson guitar ditty, perfection!
Unfortunately the night was about to become dampened; I didn't expect to be asked to move upstairs to watch the Burlesque show… after seeing two amazing bands you just want the night to continue in the same vein, it didn't! I would rather have started or finished the evening with the Burlesque show, if it had been I may not have been walking back downstairs to be totally unimpressed by Acey Slade. The guy an ex and me ended up scowering the Internet for when a Manchester Trashlight Vision show got cancelled and moved from the University to Satans Hollow, to then travel to see him play and be told the show was over at 8:30pm. It was soul destroying! And it IS soul destroying, now that I'm sat here listening back over the recording I made that night at The Fly just in case I ended up loaded down with work and needed a brief reminder to set the ol' coggins whirling (this was the case). The recording of the night is spectacular and I am absolutely gutted that the whole atmosphere was destroyed by a sectioning off of the night… and for what, a 20-minute let down of girls dancing! I'm gonna have to head to another show as soon as Acey is back in town so I can give him a review he deserves. This night in particular did nothing for me and I went home thinking 'WTF'! A real damn shame!

by Spice D. Warlock

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Huge thanks to Derek Bremner for the photos