Slingshot Kitty, Queeny Blast Pop & Voodoo Lovecats

GLITZINE asked SLINGSHOT KITTY guitarist Danny to give the readers an in-depth introduction to these sleaze kitties from Dallas. Here's what he had to say.

Slingshot Kitty was formed in 1994. I (Danny) met a bass player, Staci Payne, while going to recording school. We became good friends and we liked the same music and the same bands so we decided to form a glam band. A band that we didn't really see around anymore, especially not here in Dallas.We put out ads in the local entertainment papers, musician referral things, put up flyers at school and at music stores, etc, etc. Finally, after many auditions and many flaky musician calls, we finally found a guitarist to work with. His name was Izzy Andez. Since we couldn't find a drummer Izzy called on his friend, Jeff Casey Meadows, who he had played with in another band before. Jeff comes in a week or so later and we jam and things start clicking!!! FINALLY, ALMOST A COMPLETE BAND!!! All we needed then was a singer. We searched for a few months and we get a call froma guy named Sue E. Cide, bass player from Rezyn Nation. He met this singer who was looking for a band like ours to join. This singer was Keith Christopher. So we had him come in and we had him join the band right on the spot. What was really impressive to us was that he came in and after he listened to us jam for a while, he just started singing A Capella. We were hyped up about having a singer FINALLY! A COMPLETE BAND!

We go through a few months of rehearsals and all of a sudden Izzy decides he wants to leave the band. It was a mutual departure due to personality differences within the band. We start on a search to find another guitar player and then Staci decides he wants to leave the band. So now it is only me, Keith, and Jeff trying to keep this band going. The three of us decide to go into the studio to record the now infamous 3-song demo featuring "Out Of The Bag", "The Hop" and "In N'Out". We were going to have another guitar player and a bass player as guest musicians to record that thing but we just decided to do it all ourselves without outside help from anyone. Hey, we STILL don't get outside help from anyone! HaHa! Anyway, I ended up doing all the guitar and bass tracks on that demo. Well, we release the demo and hand them around town. Still on our search for a new bass player, Keith convinces his friend, Steve Early, to come down and audition to play bass for us. Steve was like on his way to Austin, Texas, to play guitar for this other band. Some kind of 'thrash-type' band or something. Anyway, Steve auditions on the bass and we call him back for another audition. He didn't even own a bass, so he was using borrowed equipment and it was malfunctioning like bad! In between Steve's first and second audition, we start talking to Staci again and we decide to get him back in the band. Since we got Staci back on the bass, we get Steve to play guitar for us. Now that we were back to having a full band again, we start the intense rehearsals to get out and start playing some shows!!! We were dying to get out of the rehearsal room and to get in front of some people!

Then, we play our first show on December 9, 1994. We started playing all kinds of shows REALLY often, we probably did like 4-6 shows a month for almost a year. Then, we went out and played some out-of-town shows. We come back to Dallas and I decide that i want to leave the band because i didn't agree with the direction , or lack of direction as i called it, the band was taking. I left the band for a couple of months and then one day Jeff and Steve called me back and we all got together and talked. We worked some things out and we got back to playing the shows again. Then, we decided it was time to put out a full-length disc of our stuff. So at the end of December, 1995, we go in and record "Up Yours!". We released it on March 1, 1996. A few months after its release, Perris Records picks it up and agrees to sell it worldwide. Soon after, Staci decides to leave the band again. To make up for Staci's departure, Steve and I share the bass duties for a while. We would split the sets up and i would play bass for one half of the show, and then we would switch and Steve would play the bass. Steve didn't want to switch anymore so he just started playing bass full-time. And that leaves us where we are now. Getting prepared to record our second release. Writing more new songs to have more to choose from when we actually go in and do this new release. We have been getting tons of shows lately. We are still trying to better our stage show by adding fire and lots of smoke!!! We are trying to figure out a way to get the hell out of Dallas! There is nothing that will ever happen for us here. We want to get out on the road and play different parts of the country. Play for some new faces, new clubs, new crowds. We would also like to get over to Europe and other different countries.

Our music is simple. We are a sleazy hard rock and roll band. Songs driven by sex and laced with nasty grooves and lots of attitude. The sound has taken a few turns since we started, but the point is still there. Somewhere along the way, we have gotten heavier in some ways. That is from Steve's influence. Before Steve really starting writing with us, I was writing like all of the music. Steve is very into thrash and stuff like that, so some of the heaviness makes it into our stuff. There is also more a punk influence. Cool punk. Like seventies punk, in the vein of The Ramones and The Sex Pistols. The bottom line behind our stuff is REAL rock and roll. We will still continue to be influenced by the music we grew up on like KISS, Motley Crue, Ratt, Poison, L.A.Guns, Skid Row, etc. It will get all twisted and shaped in different ways, but the spirit will always be there. ROCK AND ROLL!


The story of QUEENY BLAST POP starts in Seattle with the local glamgods, TALKS CHEAP. This band released two good demos in the early nineties but later disbanded. Bassist Lesli and guitarist Lil' Dee formed a new band and aquired vocalist Travis and drummer Kelli (no one in this band seemed to have a last names). QUEENY BLAST POP was born! As you probably know, the Seattle-scene at this time wasn't that fair to something as excellent and fun as glamrock. Due to this the band relocated to L.A. where the torch was still burning. Kelli and Travis stayed in Seattle though, god knows what they're doing today.

QUEENY BLAST POP replaced their drummer and vocalist with Pepper Sweet respectively Punky Glitter. They also added a second guitarist, Tazzy. With a complete line-up they went into the studio and recorded their first demo. It was one of those magical moments in the history of glam. It featured three songs, "Forever", "Something they don't know" and "I know what you're thinkin'", this demo alone should have earned them a major deal. Just typing these songtitles brings a tear to my eye. Anyway, during this period Tazzy left the band, QUEENY BLAST POP was once again a fourpiece.

After one and a half years of permanent performing at L.A.'s sleazy and unfameous clubs, the band went into the studio once again. This second three song demo is, believe it or not, almost as good as the first but was never released since the band didn't like Punky Glitter's vocals on it. Lil' Dee now left the band to join GOD ZOO, an excellent glampoppunk band with an alternativ edge. As far as I know, they're still existing.

Lil' Dee was replaced with Audrey but misery loves company and more problems struck the band. Punky Glitter was too keen on heroin and had to go, Terri filled the empty spot. During this period QUEENY BLAST POP had changed, they had cut their hair, toned down the glamimage. The Queenies had developed into a punkband. The name was changed to THE DISTRACTIONS which suited the bands new direction better.

THE DISTRACTIONS were a great band and their 8 song demotape contained songs which should have blown the major punkbands, like GREEN DAY among others, away if it were released to the public. The record companies didn't keep their promises though and THE DISTRACTIONS were left in the cold.

I thought the story of one of the best but most illfated glambands ended there but it doesn't! QUEENY BLAST POP is back, Lesli and Pepper with two new members. They recently played the Coconut Teazser and they're currently in the studio. QUEENY BLAST POP is back and this time the world better be ready! Read an interview on QUEENY BLAST POP

Australia is known for many things, kangaroos for example, but not many are related to music at least not glam. VOODOO LOVECATS was formed in Melbourne 1994 to change that and to put Australia on every glamrockers map. With names such as Candii Cane, Kelli and Rikki is was obvious that the attitude was right.

The Following year they released two demotapes, "Punk & Disordely" and "Desperate & Dateless". Both contained great glampunk songs and sold approx. 4000 copies worldwide.

The following two years saw VOODOO LOVECATS take on a different trail. The glam was changed to more punk. The band now contained Sicboy, Chaos, Eman, Ruin and Creep. The image is still shocking eventhough it's not glam. In 1997 they released their debutcd "Children shouldn't play with dead things" (reviewed in this issue). It contains 6 great songs along with two remixes, one remiex by Opiate (MARYLIN MANSON). The band is also quite fameous for it's extreme and theatrical liveshows.

VOODOO LOVECATS is a premiere punkband. Please visit their Website