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I remember the first time I heard WILLOW WISP very well. It was in the early nineties (92, I think). I wasn't that much into gothic then but I was thrilled by their outrageous image which gives the music an extra dimension. WILLOW WISP isn't just a rockband, they're an experience. The Stageshow is filled with rituals like Toe-Knee's trash-can murder or Air-ricks chestcutting.

WILLOW WISP is, to these ears, a gothic/glam/death metal band. Their new cd "Building up and breaking down of matter" reviewed in this issue, is a very emotional piece of music which can be hard to understand at first.

WILLOW WISP could be a four-piece of Air-rik, Toe-Knee, Glenn Lee Alan Davis (i.e. GLAD) and Raven. I know that some people laugh at this band but they're narrow-minded, trapped by trends. WILLOW WISP and their followers will get the last laugh!
Order the cd: $ 12.00 + $ 2.00 in shipping/handling. Checks money orders payable to Glenn Davis. WILLOW WISP fan club, P.O box 1352, North Hollywood, Ca 91609-1352, USA E-mail


REBEL REBEL was formed in 1990 in Los Angeles, influenced by KISS, SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNICK, THE PLASMATICS and ALICE COOPER. The same year they released their first single "Fuck the world"

REBEL REBEL is Jet Jupiter (vocals, songwriter), Teddy Heavens (guitars), Marchello (Bass) and Gizmo (drums), Their image will raise your eyebrows even if you're blind, as they make early KISS look ordinary. Anyway, this band can play too, sounding like a combo of glam/punk with lots of samples.

REBEL REBEL has released plenty of great demotapes and they recently put out their debutcd "Lifestyles of the sick and famous" (listen to it and read the reviewed in this issue). The time is right and the band is right. Make sure to be there from the beginning... or just 7 years too late. Contact: E-mail or REBEL REBEL, 909.875.9521, 7510 Sunset blvd. #174, Hollywood, Ca 90046, USA


BEAT ANGELS is a pure poprock sensation out of Arizona, continuing the tradition of bands like ELECTRIC ANGELS and CANDY, just to name some 80's sound-alikes. Actually both Gilby Clarke and Jonathan Daniel (former Candy's and Daniels was the bassist in ELECTRIC ANGELS) have helped the band. Gilby Clarke has produced BEAT ANGELS' both albums, "Unhappy hour" and their brand new "Red badge of discourage" (listen to it and read the reviewed in this issue). These releases should make BEAT ANGELS rich and famous. Brian Smith (vocals) is a genius when it comes to catchy popsongs, his lyrics is great as well

Listening to the BEAT ANGELS brings back a feeling I haven't had in almost 7 years when I heard VAIN, PRETTY BOY FLOYD and ELECTRIC ANGELS for the first time. If you know what I'm talkin' bout, music so excellent that it causes chills down your spine.
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Continuing Where Wendy O Williams and the Plasmatics Left Off"

by Mike Danger

Ever since I was in my youth I craved the unusual and bizzarre to crave my musical taste. From Alice Cooper earlier to Kiss (don't ask me what I was thinking here because it must have been a stage I went through or something) I must have sampled them all. It wasn't until my later twilight years I became acquainted with The Plasmatics and my taste in music was finally starting to make some sense.

A copy of Maximum Rock 'n' Roll magazine brought to my attention a band called the Impotant Sea Snakes and their new release called "Too Cool For Rock and Roll" on provda Records. I immediately forked out the bucks and ordered a copy.

A couple of weeks later Mr. Postman arrived and I threw the vinyl disk on my turntable and took it for a test drive. Not only were many of the lyrics catchy but, the guitar riffs offered many night of air guitair picking and strumming. Finally something to replace the void left by the Plasmatics ever since Wendy O decided to go solo and chase aging Rockers such as the one she married from Motorhead.

These unusual bunch of guys are more than a band but they a performance troupe. Their klan emcompasses the talents of lesbians, a jester, fire breathersand a bunch of characters too numerous to list. The band itself is a sight to witness with the guys wearing usually more than a g-string along with your mom's make up and a few fashionable accessories. One thing for sure is this bunch of gender benders sure know how to put on a show. Their shows consist of on state televisions filling the airwaves with scenes from the most unusual assortment of pornography to be found anywhere. There's lesbians kissing, people throwing their clothes off and having sex on stage and a band that rocks.

The only disappointing thing about the show was the fact that our local Police force needed to stop by the gig and put a stop to the whole thing even thought the band and crowd weren't ready to quit rocking. For some reason this happens to happens quit a bit at their gatherings. But that's half the fun, right?

While in my opinion "Too Cool For Rock and Roll" was an underground punk hit their latest cd called "God Save the Queens" now available on Masquerade Records and available through their fan club and web page ( Read the review on "God save the queens"). This selection contains remakes of the Rolling Stomes hit "Sympathy For The Devil" as well as the OJays hit "Backstabbers" along with their own works as "Daisy Chain", "Kangaroos (up the Butt)" and "Chicks with D**ks". These Kings of Kink have also made appearances recently on the pages of Larry Flint's recent anniversary issue of Hustler magazine and on the small screen on HBO's Sex Bites 6 tv show. Not bad for a band that preaches censorship but, is always getting censored.

The wildly bunch of muscians as are about as untamed as their names and feature 13 on vocals, Dick Liquour on bass and backing vocals, Cheetah Lamour on Guitars and backing vocals, Buck Futt on guitair and backing vocals, and J.D. Thrust on drums and drinks. The band does have a message and they promote free sex, as long as it's safe sex. The original 13 died of aids and since being forced to replace him have been distributing condoms free to any takers in hopes that we don't have to lose more precious friends to this dreaded disease . Hmmm, finally a band that has a message that doesn't sound like a big government propaganda plot.

Well, what can I say except that the Sea Snakes have to be one of the most entertaining and fun bands I have experienced in the last 10 years. Unlike the aging Kiss band these guys can "Rock and Roll Everynight and Party Every Day". For information contact:
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