Young and Fabulous


YOUNG & FABULOUS! is a six-piece out of NYC. Born in 94 as a reaction to to the boring musicscene in the early ninities. Y&F is probably one of the mostentertaining bands to ever release a cd. Consisting of Chauncy R. Fabulous (greedy voclas), Splendora Glamourre (Vapid vocals), Excessa Vain (vitrolic vocals), Bentley Bottompincher III (bombastix bass), Ian St. Walker (bleed guitar) and Count Elegonzo (dastardly drums). With lots of make up, spandex, high heell and plenty of glitter, they will get your attention whether you want to or not!

Y&F recently released their debutcd "The Greatest album in the history of music", a 10 songs effort filled with excellent glam/powerpop/punk. Check out the review section and make sure to download a version of their "Your 15 minutes are over". It's fabulous! E-mail m.m.