Hollywood Teasze, Mother Mercy, Bangkok Shock & Speed McQueen


HOLLYWOOD TEASZE is without a doubt one of the best european glambands at the moment. It's supprising that they hail from Germany, which hasn't got any deep rooted glamtraditions, eventhough HELTER SKELTER was a great band.

HOLLYWOOD TEASZE was formed in 1990 by Chris la Kriz (bass & vocals), influenced by the LA scene of the late eighties. The other members were Frank E guitar (vocals & guitar) and Harry la Bumm (drums). They toured a lot and earned a reputation as a fun and outrageous band. They supported THE BATES, CAPTAIN SENSIBLE and TRASH BRATS.

HOLLYWOOD TEASZE reached a greater audience with their two excellent demos "They might suck... but they suck real hard!!!" 93 and "The Wonder years" 95. The first is higly recommended, containing a excellent unreleased song - "Don't turn your head".

HOLLYWOOD TEASZE's first cd "Glamdolls in toyland" was released in 95 (see review elsewhere in this issue). They've shot a video for "LA diddy" and considering making a new one, "4 my parents".

Harry la Bumm left the band in late 1996. He was replaced by glam/gothic drummer Andi hill (ex. BABY DOLLS/ASTRO VAMPS/JAIMZ GANG - the first two are great glam/gothic bands). If this departure will influence HOLLYWOOD TEASZE remains to be seen. If you're into glam/powerpop/punk you must check out this band


MOTHER MERCY was born when guitarist Beau met vocalits RJ Blaze, they shared the idea of starting alarger-than-life band. Beau, an LA native, was influenced by the LA scene of the late eighties. The Line-up was completed with the arrival of Frank Santana (bass) and Seann Scott (drums)

MOTHER MERCY got some recognition by winning a nationwide competion, this earned them a spot on the "Music menagerie eight" compilation cd. In 1994 they released their first demo, a four song tape - "Bad Boyz in Black". A Very promising effort. Their first cd "Love at first bite" is already recorded at Morning star records (The legendary Ken Anthony's company). The cd will be released in Europe, americans will probably have to searc in importstores for a copy. G&G will keep you up-dated how to obtain "Love at first bite".

So what does MOTHER MERCY sound like? Well, like a heavier version of early MOTLEY CRUE, is the most simple answer. This band is, however, no fake, MOTHER MERCY is for real!


BANGKOK SHOCK formed 6 years ago in Las Vegas, the city which is most famous for it's many casinos. The band consists of Vance Monroe (vocals), Danny Swift (drums), Sidney (bass) and Rachel Christopher (guitar).This foursome is probably the sleaziest most trashy thing to ever come out of the Nevada desert, crossing trashy sleazerock with punk and 70's glitterrock.

BANGKOK SHOCK has opened for FASTER PUSSYCAT, PRETTY BOY FLOYD, REDD KROSS, GUTTERSLUTS and SWIFT GANG. Their first cd "Arrested for success" was released in 95. A great sleazy debut (they are oh so rare these days, aren't they?) with fanfavourites as "Don't fuck with me", "Wrong side of town" and "Little bit of whore" (a Johnny Thunders cover). Their new cd "Back on the streets" (reviewed in this issue) follows in the same style, establishing BANGKOK SHOCK as one of the best bands today.


SPEED MCQUEEN is another band from the up n coming NY scene (D-GENERATION, SPIRAL FETISH, LOVEMAKER etc). Formed 3 years ago and consists of Mark Lewis (vocals & guitar), Enzo Penizzotto (bass) and Joet Crifo (drums). They recently go sined by Mercury records and recorded their debut with Ed Stasium (ramones).

SPEED MCQUEEN has been desribed as CHEAP TRICK with an alternative twist. I won't argue with that eventhough I don't think their sound is that close CHEAP TRICKS'. To my ears, SPEED MCQUEEN's a punky powerpop band in a 1997 package, well worth checking out.