Spiders & Snakes, D'Molls, The Zeros & Foxy Roxx


SPIDERS & SNAKES were formed in 1990 by Lizzie Grey (ex. LONDON, ULTRAPOP) a longtime LA profile. Grey had previously been involved in London (the band that once featured Nikki Sixx, Fred Coury, Blackie Lawless and Steve D'priest) and ULTRA POP. Teaming up with Timothy Jay (drums), SPIDERS & SNAKES were born.

Their first release "Arachnomania" ep got them some recognition. These tape is very good, containing "California slide" and "The End of Mary Lou", two excellent songs.

Their first cd "2000 retro" was released in 1990. SPIDERS & SNAKES made two videos from the album, one earned a spot on MTV in 17 countries. Their next album "Oddities - the glitter years" (95) ??? their sci-fiction image as it contained a 36 page sci-fiction novel.

This is however 1997 and SPIDERS & SNAKES are hotter that ever. They're now a fourpiece with Lizzie, Timothy, Leigh Lawson (bass), and Johnny G (guitars). Their new album "Astro pop" is their best up to date and they've taken their sci-fiction an outragous step further. SPIDERS & SNAKES have their own nisch, glitterbands are far and few between, that makes them very special. Check 'em out!! Contact: Spiders & Snakes Write: SPIDERS & SNAKES P.O box 6245, Beverly hills, CA 90212, USA. Call: (310) 274 - 4050, then press *2


D'molls (named after a mob term) was formed in Chicago but relocated to L.A. and got signed by Atlantic in 87/88. Consisted of Desi Rexx (vocals ex. ST. VALENTINE), S.S PRIEST (guitars ex. DIAMOND REXX), Billy Dior and Lizzy Valentine (bass)

Their selftitled debutalbum was released in 1988 and was highly critically acclaimed (5 K in Kerrang!). They were described as "The new Aerosmith". Headbangers ball played their video for "777" several times, actually the video was banned due to S.S Priest using his tounge in a too sexual way!! Their second album "Warped" was released two years later. The glamimage of the first album was unfortunately turned down. "Warped" isn't as good as the debut and it didn't get the break. D'MOLLS split up. Desi Rexx played guitar with David Lee Roth and JUNEBUG.

Now almost ten years after the release of their debut, D'MOLLS is back! Yes, it's true. Their new album "Beyond the D'valley of D'molls" will be available on Delinquent records any day now. Be sure to get a copy!! Contact: D'molls


THE ZEROS are the brainchild of Sammy serious (lead vocalist), a true glam/powerpop genius. It's so unfair that this band still play the clubs instead of the arenas. Formed in the early 80's as DOUBLE O' ZEROS but later shortened their name to simply THE ZEROS. Consisted of Sammy Serious, Joe Normal (guitars), Danny Dangerous (bass) and Mr Insane (drums). Their debut cd "4321.. the Zeros" was released in 1991. A great powerpop/glam/punk album. Unfortunately Danny left the band due to personal reasons, he was replaced by Toy Staci.

THE ZEROS released an ep "Names. vol 1" (more fun than good actually) before the departure of Mr Insane and Joe Normal, which formed an own band called THE HUTCHINSONS (they're brothers and their real name is Hutchinson). They were replaced with Staci Starr (drums) and Jimmy Glitter (guitar). THE ZEROS released their third cd "Rule the world" which has a more serious approach, which say nothing compared to "Names. vol 1"

Now in tha late 90's, THE ZEROS are still around making some major noise. Toy Staci (now with THE MISTAKES) and Jimmy Glitter is out. Danny Dangerous is back! Anyway this is a band that deserves stardom. Through glam's ups n downs you could/can always rely on THE ZEROS, they never throw in the tovel or jump on the bandwagon!
Contact: The Zeros THE ZEROS P.O Box 93062 Hollywwod, CA 90091 USA HOTLINE (310) 285-8772


FOXY ROXX was formed in 1990 by drummer Tony Starlin in San Diego. They were voted #1 Live band of the year, the same year. The line-up got stable in 1991 when lead vocalist Dennis Sinned sadly died from cancer (R.I.P - all glamfans will always remember you). Starlin now switched to lead vocals, getting a long-time friend Robby Tripp (drums) to fill the empty chair. Guitarist Jerry Vayne joined the band for the recording of their debut cd "Shake the foundation" - a blast, one of the albums that you can't help but dance (read: freak out) to. Bassist Bobby Soxx joined forces to complete the line-up.

"Shake the foundation" sold thousands of copies and got great reviews. FOXY ROXX has played all famous Hollywood clubs such as The Whiskey A Go Go, The Roxy and The Troubadour. They've also played four sold out shows in Mexico city. FOXY ROXX have opened for DOKKEN, GREAT WHITE, TUFF, ENUFF Z'NUFF, SLAUGHTER, KISS, WARRANT and LA GUNS.

FOXY ROXX will release their second cd "Mixed up world" in the summer of 97, followed by an east-to-west tour. I recently got a studioreport from guitarist Jerry Vayne (3/23/97): "Started the new cd Thursday night. Recorded ALL the drums, bass, both rythm guitars and ALL the leads (main and harmony. yup, harmony leads!) in 13 hours (the first session). I'm so jazzed and I'm very proud of mine & everyone's playing. The basic tracks (bass, drums, 1st rythm guitar) were almost all one take and 2nd rythm 1-2 takes. All the leads were 1-3 takes. We were in again last night doing gang vocals and some of Tony's lead vocals. Tony's fighting a sore throat so we didn't want to push it. Need one more session to finish the lead vocals and my harmonies. Should be out soon!!"
Contact: Foxy roxx