Interviews & Articles


44 Caliber Interview (Interviewed by Wednesday Salo)
The 69 Eyes – Get Down to 69 – Sleaze From Helsinki (November 1997)
New Year Special – Reflections and Predictions of the Last Great Dreamer


Adam Bomb Interview (Interviewed by Kelv Hellrazer)
Adam Paskowitz of Jetliner Interview (August 2004)
Aeriel Stiles Interview (September 2006)
Ajax Garcia Interview (March 2003)
Alleycat Scratch – Deadboys In Trash City – CD/DVD (Re-Release)
Alleycat Scratch Interview (BOA) (August 2005)
American Heartbreak Interview (October 2003)
Amy’s Ashes Interview (May 2008)
AntiProduct Interview (Alex Kane) (March 2008)
Army of Freshmen Interview (September 2005)
A Tale of Mail Massacre and Friendship Lost at the Local Bar


Baby Dolls – Are the Broken Baby Dolls Back? – An Interview With Vocalist Sean
Interview with Baby Jane (March 2009)
Interview with Babylon Bombs (March 2009)
Backyard Babies – Backyard Babies Are Back
Backyard Babies – Time For Babies To Grow Up?
Backyard Babies – (Is it) Still Alright To Smile? - On the Babies New Single
Backyard Babies – On Bad Machine’s Filled With Diesel & Power - On Dregen’s Departure From Hellacopters
Interview with Diddi Kastenholt of Bai Bang (February 2010)
Bangkok Shock – Back On the Streets of Bangkok (April 1997)
Interview with Robbie Quine of The Barbarellatones (June 2008)
The Beat Angels – Unhappy Hour at the End of the Bar (August 1998)
Beatnik Termites Interview
Best Albums of 1999 – Glitzine’s Best Albums of 1999
Best Albums of 1998 – Glitzine’s Top Ten of 1998
Bif Naked Interview (October 2004)
Billy Childs Interview (October 2003)
Blackbird Interview (March 2003)
Blacklist Union Interview (June 2008)
The Blvd. Strays Interview (November 2003)
Bobby Vanden & Mark Hayes (Heart Throb Mob) Interview (February 2006)
Brijitte West Interview (March 2007)
Bubblegum Slut Zine Feature


Candy – Whatever Happened to Fun? – An Article On One of the Best Pop Bands
Castle Blak Interview (February 2007)
Interview with Todd Youth of The Chelsea Smiles (March 2009)
Interview with Chris Laney (April 2009)
Christmas Special – Glitzine’s X-rated X-mas Special
Coyote Shivers Interview (April 2004)
Crackhouse Interview (September 2008)
Interview with Crash Street Kids (March 2009)
Interview with Danny Rexon of Crazy Lixx (November 2008)
Interview with Mia Coldheart of Crucified Barbara (February 2009)
Crystal Pistol Interview (July 2003)


Dangerous Toys Interview (Mike) (September 2005)
Dave Weakley Interview (September 2003)
Dead by Dawn – Fear in Fashion – On the Scary Canadian Glampunks
The Deadthings Interview (December 2007)
An Introduction to Destine and their CD ‘Light Speed’
D-generation – Interview with Jesse Malin
Diamond Rexx Interview (June 2007)
Die My Darling (Sean Decker) Interview
Dimitri Monroe Interview – Trash Romantic
D’Molls Interview (November 2005)
D’Molls – Doin’ d’ Stroll Again. D’re back! (June 1997)
The Dogs D’amour – Bulletproof Poems – An Article Regarding the Dogs Tribute
Dogtown Balladeers – All Dressed Up In Dreams – Interview With Drummer Jacky
Donnie Vie Interview (March 2006)
Drugdealer Cheerleader Interview (September 2006)


A Word In the Ear of Chris Catalyst (Eureka Machines) (February 2010)


Faster Pussycat Interview (April 2007)
Finnish Special – Focus Finland
Forbidden Planet – From Beauty Queen Killerz To Forbidden Planet – Interview
Foxy Roxx – Shaking the Foundation of This Mixed Up World (June 1997)
Foxy Roxx – On A Hiatus? – An Article Regarding the Current Rumours
FrankEEE (Boydotcom) Interview (July 2005)
Frankenstein Drag Queens – Welcome To Motel Killfornia Interview
Frankie (Frankie Whyte & the Dead Idols) Interview (March 2008)


Ginger (The Wildhearts) Interview (December 2003)
Glamour Punks Interview (Mandie) (October 2005)
Glam Slam – Foxy Roxx and Psycho Gypsy
Interview with Mick Priestley of The Green River Project (June 2009) (his most controversial interview yet)
Interview with Toby Jepson of Gun (November 2009)
Guttersluts – Making Noise While Screaming At Deaf Ears – Interview
Guttersluts – Lock Up Your Daughters! – An Interview With Vocalist Jonnie McKayne


Interview with Vic Zino of Hardcore Superstar (March 2009)
Interview with Keith and Danny of The Heavy Metal Kids (May 2009)
A Heavy Metal Salute To Heavy Metal Band Name Origins (Book Review)
Holly Ramos Interview (September 2003)
Hollywood Teasze Interview (May 2008)
Hollywood Teasze – No Flakes Is Crunchy! – An Interview With the German Dolls
Hollywood Teasze – On Tour in Toyland – Interview and Tour Diary
Hollywood Teasze – Glamrock From Germany – An Introduction (April 1997)
Hundred Million Martians Interview (April 2008)


Impotent Sea Snakes – Continuing Where the Plasmatics Left Off! (August 1998)


JAG – Californian Tour Report
Jeff Whalen of Tsar Interview (January 2004)
Jennyfer Star Interview (July 2007)
Jimmy Flame & the Sexy Boys – Sex Talk Interview
Jo ‘Dog’ Almeida Interview (August 2008)
Jolly Power – Italian Fashion, Sleazy & Smoking Pills (May 1997)
Jonathon Daniel (Electric Angels) Interview (October 2004)
Jonathan Daniel – Seeking Salvation – An Interview With J. Daniel


Kelv Hellrazer Interview (June 2007)
Keri Kelli Interview (September 2004)
Kevin Mercer Interview (September 2003)
Kim Simon (Supergroupies) Interview (September 2004)
Kristy Majors Interview (April 2007)
Ky Anto Interview (August 2005)


L.A. Guns – Reunion Ruins Reputation Part 2 – On LA Guns’ Reunion
L.A. Guns – Reunion Ruin Reputation?
L.A. Guns – Trapped In a Vicious Circle? – On Vocalist Ralph Saenz’ Departure
Little Rebel – Are You Ready For the Revival of Rebellion?
Lost In Music Festival @ Tampere, Finland 23rd-25th October 2008
Interview with Greg Hell of Lucien


The Manics – Part Ways With Vocalist
Marc Bolan 1947-1977 A Chronology
Marilyn Manson – Speaks Out On the Colorado Nightmare
Marilyn Manson – The Big Day Out – A Concert Review From Australia
Memory Lane – Maximum
Miss Guy of The Toilet Boys Interview (December 2003)
The Mistakes – Mohawks, Make-up and Mayhem – Exclusive Tour Diary
Mother Mercy – Bad Boyz in Black… Is Back! – An Interview With Vocalist RJ Blaze
Mother Mercy – Larger-Than-Life (April 1997)


Interview with Dick Qwarfort of Nasty Idols (February 2010)
Neil Leyton Interview (October 2003)
Interview with Criss Sexx of Nympho (June 2009)



Peter Blast Interview (September 2004)
Piggy D Interview (May 2009)
The Pink & the Black – Project In the Pink – A Chat With N.Chandler
The Pleasures Interview (March 2007)
Poison – Cracking Smiles – On New Previously Unreleased Album
Pretty Boy Floyd/City Girls’ Boys (Lesli Sanders) Interview
Pretty Boy Floyd – Kelli Out In the Cold? – An Article Regarding Kelli’s Departure
Pretty Boy Floyd – Wild Angels or Rock n’ Roll Outlaws? – Exclusive!
Psycho Gypsy – Arizona Desert Turns Into An Oasis of Glam
Push – Danish Band Gets Pushy – An Interview With Sleaze Band ‘Push’


Queeny Blast Pop – God Saved the Queenies, QBP Is Back! – Interview With Lesli
Queeny Blast Pop – Let’s Gooo Kids! – On Underground Heroes QBP

Ramones Hey Ho Let’s Go! – A Tribute To Ramones
Rebel Rebel – Kings of Noise Are Raising Their Voices! – Interview With Teddy
Rebel Rebel – Outrageous CyberRebels (August 1997)
Report – The City of Wild Angels – A Report On the L.A. Glamscene (June 97)
Report – European Glamrock – Flourishing or Final Countdown? (May 1997)
Report – Festival Fury – Reports From Hultsfred and Arvika Festivals
Report – Freakfest 1998 – A Report From the Annual Freakfest In Toronto
Report – Report From the Rock City News Annual Awards (November 1997)
Report – Rock Never Stops – Report From the Rock-Never-Stops Tour
Revlon Red – Talkin’ Trash With Marky DeSade – Interview
Robin Black Interview (April 2006)
Rockets To Ruin Interview (November 2006)
The Romeo’s – Bubblegum Cabaret From Wales (May 1997)
Romeo’s Dead – No Less Than a Beautiful Mess – An Interview With J. James
Romeo’s Dead – Keep RnR Alive – Interview With J.James
R.S. Saidso (Electra-Kill) Interview (December 2005)
R.S. Saidso – Silly Scream and Frankenstein Drag Queens – Exclusive Interview


Sally Cato (Smashed Gladys) Interview (February 2006)
Sammy Serious Interview (July 2003)
Sam Yaffa Interview (August 2004)
Sean Kelly (Crash Kelly) Interview (November 2003)
Interview with Share Ross (October 2008)
Interview with Matt Hoffman of Shooting Blanks (January 2009)
Slingshot Kitty – The Kitty Is Out of the Bag – Interview With Guitarist Danny
Soho Roses Interview (July 2007)
Sonic Ruin Zine Feature (Issue 1 and Issue 2)
Interview with Special Ops (September 2009)
Speed McQueen – Cheap Trick On Acid? (April 1997)
Spiders & Snakes – From Arachnomania To Astro Pop (June 1997)
Spotlight Canada – Freezing Off Our Mascara – On the Canadian Scene
Stevie Rachelle of Tuff Interview (January 2004)
Swedish Special
Switchblade Interview (June 2007)


Interview with Rob Wylde of Teenage Casket Company (July 2009)
Teenage Casket Company Interview (June 2007)
Temptress – The Worlds Only All Male Girl Band
Terrorvision Interview (November 2007)
Tigertailz Interview (November 2006)
Interview with Tony Mills of TNT (October 2008)
Interview with 8-Balled of Tracy Gang Pussy (May 2009)
Traci Guns Interview (November 2005)
Trash Brats – Detroit Decadence – Interview With Toni Romeo (April 1997)
Twisted Sister – The Kids Are Back! – On the Twisted Sister Reunion


Interview with ‘O’ of Undercover Slut (March 2009)
Undercover Slut Interview (O) (December 2005)
Undercover Slut Interview (August 2003)
The Urgencies Interview (August 2006)


Vain – A Ray of Respect – A Tribute To SF’s Legends (November 1997)
Vamp – Update From the Vamp Camp
Vamp – Vital Vampires on the Verge of Success – Interview With Bassist Drew
Vampire Love Dolls – Doll’s Disintegrating – On the Break-Up of VLD
Interview with Vanity Blvd (April 2009)
Velvet Goldmine – Personality Crisis on Desolation Blvd – On the Glam Rock Movie
Voodoo Lovecats Interview (June 2006)
Voodoo Lovecats – AussiePunks With Attitude (September 1997)


Interview with Ginger of The Wildhearts (September 2009)
Willow Wisp – Weeping and Whipping (August 1997)



Young & Fabulous – 15 Fabulous Minutes of Fame (May 1997)


The Zeros – 4,3,2,1… The Zeros – L.A. Legends (June 1997)
The Zico Chain Interview (January 2008)