CD Reviews 


11th Street Tales - A Tribute to Hanoi Rocks CD
3MileHigh – S/T CD
44 Caliber – Can You Handle…
4ft Fingers – New Beginnings of Old Stories CD
69 Eyes – Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams CD
69 Shots – 3 Track Demo CD
7Inch Giants – 5 Track EP CD
77 Million Paintings by Brian Eno (Advance Interview DVD)
999 – Death In Soho CD


Abandoned Souls – Some Never Will CD
Abandoned Souls – Circle of Shadows CD
Accept – The Abyss EP
Ace Frehley – Anomaly CD
Acey Slade & the Dark Party – Acey Slade & the Dark Party CD
The Aches – S/T CD
Adam Evil & the Outside Royalty – S/T CD
A Day Called Desire – Vital Signs CD
Adrenaline 101 – Twelve Step Program CD
Adrenaline Factor – S/T CD
Advantage – The Beat (Single) CD
A+E Line – Pinata Party CD
Aesthesia – Take It As a Last Chance Ride CD
Alice Cooper – Alice Does Alice EP CD
(All My Friends Are) Dead – Five Songs CD
All the Way Rider – The Eagles Revenge CD
American Dog – Mean CD
American Heartbreak – S/T CD
American Heartbreak – You Will Not Be Getting Paid $ CD
American Heartbreak – Postcards From Hell CD
American Heartbreak – I Wish You Were Dead CD
American Heartbreak – What You Deserve CD
American Hi-Fi – Hearts On Parade CD
American Sugar Bitch – Work Sucks CD
Amys Ashes – EP CD
The Anabolics – 3 on 1 CD
Andy McCoy – Building On Tradition CD
Annita Babyface and the Tasty Poneys – 4 Track Demo CD
Anti-Hero – Unpretty CD
AntiProduct – Please Take Your Cash CD
Any Given Day – Never Backin’ Down CD
Any Given Day – Perverts and Pornstars CD
Apers – Teenage Drama Every Kid Will Understand CD
Apoptygma Berzerk – Imagine There’s No Lennon
Applespacebar – Songs You Might Like
Arbogast – Certainties and Doubts CD
Arcadia – Roy Philip Nohl
The Ark – We Are the Ark CD
arK – Wild Untamed Imaginings
Army of Freshmen – Beg, Borrow, Steal CD
Arrows Lounge – Sonic Thrust CD
The Arteries – More Books Less T.V. CD
Art of Dying – Advance Promo CD
Ashtones – Mainline Rockets CD
At the Zoo – Nouveau Popular CD
A Tribute to The Cult – Horse Nation CD
The Authentics – Ton of Bricks CD
The Authentics – Blondes Make the Best Victims? CD
The Authentics – Supercharged CD
Avon Calling 2 – Forgotten Gems & Unknown Currios
Avosetta – Of Our Lives CD
Axident Avenue – Shaken & Disturbed CD


Baby Bitch – Strawberries and Cream CD
Baby Bitch – Screaming For Attention CD
Baby Borderline – Misguided Youth
Babylon AD – Live in Your Face CD
Babylon Bombs – Babylon’s Burning CD
Babylon Bombs – Doin’ You Nasty CD
Babylon Bombs – Cracked Wide Open and Bruised CD
Babylon Bombs – Promo 2003 CD
Babylon Rockets – Conspiracity CD
Babyruth – Mr. Right Hand Man CD
Baby Scream – Ups and Downs CD
Baby Scream – Identity Theft CD
Baby Scream – Baby Scream
Baby Strange – Wanted Alive! CD
Baby Strange – Hot On Our Trail CD
Backwash – Kickass CD
Backyard Babies – Making Enemies Is Good CD
Backyard Babies – Safety Pin & Leopard Skin CD
Backyard Babies – Total 13 CD
Bad Habit – Atmosphere
BadiTudes – 6 Track Demo CD
Bad, Love & Licker – 4 Track Demo CD
Badmouth – Badmouth CD
The Bad Samaritans – 6 Track Demo CD
Bad Things – Age Of Wisdom
Bad Way – Dead Letters
Badway – From Zero To Hero CD
Bai Bang – Are You Ready CD
Bai Bang – Best of CD
Ballbreaker – Daddy Long Legs
Ballroom Zombies – Jo Jo CD
Baltimoore – Quick Fix CD
Balzac – Out of the Grave Into the Dark CD
The Band of the Eye – Contagious Ignorance CD
Bangalore Choir – On Target CD
Bang Gang – Vanity Kills CD
Bangtoy 69 – The Demotape (Demotape 3 Songs)
Bankrupt – Razor Wires and Neon Lights CD
The Barbarellatones – The Break Up Ghost CD
The Barbarellatones – ‘Not Dog… Snow-Lion!’ CD
The Barbarellatones – The Devil’s Dildo CD
The Barbarellatones – Temple of Shiva CD
The Barbarellatones – The Best of… CD
The Barbarellatones – Interview With a Glampire CD
The Barbarellatones – Invasion of the Surf Zombies! CD
The Barbarellatones – Beyond the Valley of the Barbarellatones CD
The Barbarellatones – Surf Narcs
Bastet – Spurtin’ Joy Wherever We Go CD
BB Steal – Resurrection CD
B.D. Gottfried – The Warden’s Picnic
The Beat Angels – Red Badge of Discourage CD
Beautiful Creatures – Deuce CD
Beautiful Creatures – S/T CD
The Beautiful Losers – Four Corners Of A Tiny Planet
Begging4Beaver – Undressed Rehearsals CD
Begging4Beaver – Undressed Rehearsals EP CD
Ben Forrest Davis – Roughs CD
Bengal Tigers – In One Ear EP
The Bermondsey Joyriders – The Bermondsey Joyriders CD
Big Ball – Hotter Than Hell CD
Big City Bombers – Nowhere To Go CD
Big Mama Scandal – By You CD
Billy Talent – S/T CD
Bitchfire – Bitchfire CD
Bitch Queens – High Strung EP
Black Eyed Betty – Take it All
Black Hill – Nasty Nights CD
Black Sand – Abbey Road
Blackie Wilcox – Such a Shame CD
Blackmarket – The Elephant In the Room CD
The Black Mollys – One Man’s Treasure CD
Black Page Turns – Nail In the Coffin CD
Black Page Turns – Simplest of Tools CD
Black Page Turns – 2 Track Demo
Black Robot – Black Robot CD
Black Soul Strangers – Lies CD
Black Spiders – No Goats In The Omen EP CD
Black Spiders – Sons Of The North
Black Spiders – St Peter EP CD
Blake – Planetizer CD
Bleed – Exposed CD
Bleed – For You CD
Blind Alley – Destination Destiny CD
Bloodpit – Mental Circus CD
B Movie Heroes – Anthems for the Underdog CD
BodinRocker – Mysterious Man
Bombay Black – Love You To Death CD
The Bomb Pops – S/T CD
Bon Appetite – Volume 2 CD
The Bonesmen – Deuce CD
Boozed – One Mile CD
Boozed – Seizin the Day CD
Boston Cheerleaders – 1 Track Single CD
Boydotcom – Independent and Live In Leipzig CD
Boydotcom – Fuck the World CD
The Boys and Crash – 3 Track Demo CD
The Breakdowns – The Breakdowns CD
Bret Michaels – Custom Built CD
Bret Michaels – Nothing To Lose (Single) CD
Bret Michaels – Rock My World CD
The Brew – A Million Dead Stars CD
Brian McCarty – Love Forget Me Not CD
Brian O’Blivion – The Flash Before the Crash CD
The Brian Setzer Orchestra – Dig That Crazy Christmas CD
Brijitte West and the Desperate Hopefuls – S/T CD
Bristol – The Punk Explosion CD
Broken Melody – Mirroring Identities CD
Broken Melody – Face the World CD
Broken Melody – If You Want To Fly CD
The Bronx – S/T CD
Bronz – Carried By The Storm
Brunorock – War Maniacs CD
BS Romeo – S/T CD
Bubblegum Screw – St Valentines Day Massacre CD
Buck Brothers – We Are Merely Filters
Buckcherry – All Night Long CD
Buckcherry – Next 2 You (CD Single Advance Copy) CD
Buckcherry – 15 CD
Buckcherry – Buckcherry CD
Bulletproof Poems – A Tribute CD to Dogs D’amour CD
BulletRain – Turn It Up! CD
BulletRain – Johnny Gone Bad CD
Bullets and Octane – Laughing In the Face of Failure CD
Bullets and Octane – In the Mouth of the Young CD
Bullfrog – Beggars & Losers CD
The Bullys – Tonite, We Fight Again CD
Butchers Bill – Love Killer CD
Butchers Bill – Quick and Painful CD
Butch Walker – Sycamore Meadows CD
Butch Walker – Leavin’ the Game On Luckie Street CD
Butch Walker and the Lets Go Out Tonites – The Rise and Fall of… CD
Butch Walker – Letters CD
Butch Walker – Left Of Self-Centered CD


CalatrilloZ – The Rise Of The Leviatan
Call The Doctor – Call the Doctor CD
Capital X – Power Pack EP
Carbona – Go Carbona Go CD
Casanatra – Split The Atom Again
Castle Blak – Glamour and Damnation (Greatest Hits and Dirty Little Secrets) CD
Castrovalva – We Are a Unit CD
Cathouse – In Pussy We Trust CD
The Cedar Falls – Abandon EP CD
Cemetery Superfly – Ghost In the Radio CD
Charlie Indestructible – My Sweet Revenge
Charlotte – Medusa Groove
Charmless – Demo CD
Chase This City – Show Us What You Got? CD
Chaz Matthews – Amazing Graceless CD
Cheerleader – S/T EP
The Chelsea Smiles – The Chelsea Smiles CD
The Chelsea Smiles – Thirty Six Hours Later CD
The Chelsea Smiles – Nowhere Ride EP CD
Chemical Wire – 2 Track Demo CD
Cherry Lips – Cherry Lips CD
Cherry Monroe – The Good, The Bad & The Beautiful (Part 2) CD
Cherry Monroe – The Good, The Bad & The Beautiful CD
Cherry Street – Monroe CD
Cherry Street – X-Rated CD
China – Light Up The Dark
Chinatown – S/T CD
Chixdiggit – From a Scene To a Shining Scene CD
Chop Suicide – 5 Track Demo CD
Chris Laney – Only Come Out At Night CD
Chris Laney – Pure CD
Chris Vaughn – For Those That Have Ears CD
Chrome Division – Doomsday Rock n’ Roll CD
Circle of One – Tied To the Machine CD
Circus of Death – 3 Track Demo CD
Cirkus – Bad Love CD
City 13 – Better Late Than Never Again CD
City Girls’ Boys – City Girls’ Boys CD
Civet – Hell Hath No Fury CD
Clockwork Radio – State Of Mind
Coldtruth – Do Whatcha Do CD
Collider – WCYF CD
The Compulsions – Laughter From Below CD
The Computers – You Can’t Hide From the Computers CD
The Conscience Pilate – Sunday’s Refugees CD
Cooper – Magic Rocks CD
Cord Stone – Field Trip EP CD
Coretta Scott – Scream & Shout CD
Cosmic Ballroom – Your Drug of Choice CD
Cosmic Ballroom – Stoned, Broke and Ready To Rumble CD
Coyote Shivers – S/T CD
Crackhouse – Hell Motel CD
The Crank County Daredevils – Kings of Sleaze CD
CrashDiet – Generation Wild EP CD
Crash Diet – 6 Track Demo CD
Crash Kelly – One More Heart Attack CD
The Crash Moderns – Goodnight Glamour, Good Morning Disaster CD
The Crash Moderns – 5 Track EP CD
Crash Street Kids – Transatlantic Suicide CD
Crazy Lixx – New Religion CD
Crazy Lixx – Loud Minority CD
Crazy Lixx – Heroes Are Forever CD
Crazy Lixx – 2 Track Demo CD
Cream Pie – Dirty Job CD
Crimson Sweet – Wired For the Last Move/Basement Star 7″ Vinyl
The Crossing – Chemical Gods CD
Crystal Kicks – 7 Track Demo CD
Crystal Tears – Generation X
The Culprit – …The Culprit
The Cult – Live in New York City DVD
Cut Lips – China White CD


D.A.D. – Softdogs CD
Damaged Dolls – 3 Track Demo (2008) CD
Damaged Dolls – Sleazy Entertainment CD
Dame Fortune – The Secret Art CD
Damone – Out Here All Night CD
The Damned – So Who’s Paranoid CD
The Damned – Damned Damned Damned (30th Anniversary Edition) CD
Danger Angel – Danger Angel CD
Daniel Band – On Rock (Collector’s Edition)
Danko Jones – Below the Belt CD
Darling Died Suicide Demotape 4 Songs
The Datsuns – S/T CD
Dave Evans – Judgement Day CD
Davinci’s Cradle Demotape 4 Songs
Davy Vain – In From Out of Nowhere CD
The Deadly Romantics – Do You Wanna Rock and Roll CD
The Deadthings – Dead Over Heels CD
The Deadthings – Who Killed Holly Would CD
Deadtime Stories – Anytime Is Deadtime CD
Dear Superstar – Heartless CD
Dear Superstar – Diseased and Distracted Promo CD
Dear Superstar – Confessions of a Twisted Mind CD
Dear Superstar- Submission of Your Soul CD
Death Before Sunrise – 2 Track Demo CD
Decadenze – Beyond Obsession CD
The Defiled – 1888 CD
The Defiled – Grave Times
Deluded By Lesbians – The Revolution Of Species
Dennis Most and the Instigators – I’m Not Dead Yet! CD
The Deodates – 3 Track Demo CD
The DeRellas – Hollywood Monsters CD
The DeRellas – All Fired Up E.P. CD
Detox Darlings – Thirst Things First CD
Detox Darlings Demotape 3 Songs
Devildolls Rock n Roll Street Gang – An Introduction to ‘Anthems of the Lost and Forgotten’ MP3
D-generation – Through the Darkness CD (Two Reviews)
Die My Darling – Sleep CD
Die Wasted – Wasteland Fugitives Vinyl
Die So Fluid – The World Is Too Big For One Lifetime CD
Dik Trickle – Bang CD
Dimestore – 3 Track Demo CD
Director’s Cat – My Sweet Revenge
Dir en Grey – Clever Sleazoid CD
The Dirge Carolers – I Tied My Own Tie Today… CD
Dirt Box Disco – Dirt Box Disco
Dirty Looks – Slave To the Machine CD
Dirty Passion – Different Tomorrow
Dirty Skirty – Long Live Rock N Roll
The Disappointments – Reasons To Revolt CD
The Disappointments – 3 Track Demo CD
Disarm – By Any Means Necessary CD
The Disciples – S/T CD
The Display Team – Drones CD
Distorted Wonderland – Distorted Wonderland
Diva Suicide – Scars CD
Divina Icon – Little Devils CD
D’Molls – Beyond d’valley of D’molls CD
D’Molls – S/T CD
Doctor Hell – Stir Up the Fire CD
Dogkennel Hill – All the King’s Horses CD
Dollhouse – Rock n Roll Revival CD
Dolly Daggers – S/T EP CD
Donkey Ride To Gibralta – 3 Track Demo CD
The Donnas – Turn 21 CD
The Donnas – S/T CD
Donots – To Hell With Love CD
Donots – Coma Chameleon CD
DORO – Fear No Evil CD
Dragonfly – Zero CD
Drama Queen Die – S/T CD
Dr. Grind – Speechless CD
The Drowners – Beauty CD
Drugdealer Cheerleader – Enjoy the Time You Waste CD
The Durango Riot – Telemission CD
Dust and Bones – Voodoo CD
Dustar Crown – 4 Track Demo CD
Dynazty – Bring the Thunder CD
D-Zire – The Awakening CD


Eagle Scout – New Hands CD
Earl Grey And Croquet – From The 21st Century
Eartha – Ink Dry Blue
Edge of Forever – Another Paradise CD
Electra-Kill – The Death of Venus 292 CD
The Electric Kisses – S/T CD
Electrocute – Troublesome Bubblegum CD
Elektradrive – Living 4 CD
Elvis Is Dead – 2 Track Demo CD
Ember’s Flame – She Said CD
Emigrate – Self-Titled CD
Empires OF Eden – Reborn in Fire
The Enemies Demo Review CD
Enter Shikari – Common Dreads CD
Enter Shikari – We Can Breathe In Space (Single) CD
Enter Shikari – The Zone CD
Enuff Z’Nuff – Dissonance CD
Enuff Z’Nuff – One More For the Road CD
Enuff Z’Nuff – Welcome To Blue Island CD
The Epic Monday – Back To the Beginning CD
Equal Loudness Curve – 440
Equal Loudness Curve – Let It Roll CD
The Erotics – Rubbish CD
The Erotics – 30 Seconds Over You CD
The Erotics – Rock n’ Roll Killing Machine CD
The Erotics – All That Glitters Is Dead CD
Eureka Machines – Being Good Is Okay (Free Download ‘Double A Side Promo Single)
Eureka Machines – Everyone Loves You (Single) CD
Eureka Machines – Do or Die CD
The Eruptors – 2 Track Demo CD
The Everyothers – S/T CD
Everything We Left Behind – Pull Back and Go CD
Evil Twin – 4 Track Demo CD
Exit 21 – The Machine (7 Song Demo)
Exit Avenue – A Thousand Odd Lines CD
Exit State – Death of a Rockstar CD
The Exorsisters – 3 Track EP CD
The Exorsisters – Promo CD
E.Z.Riders – Long Way From Home


Fables Last Stand – Bite the Hook CD
Facequake – S/T CD
Faithfull – Light This City CD
The Fake Exterior – Bad Movie… Great Soundtrack CD
Falling Red – Shake the Faith CD
Falling Red – If You Ain’t Down With the Rock… CD
Famous – All the Wicked CD
Faster Pussycat – Between the Valley of the Ultra Pussy CD
Fat Nancy – Pure American Muscle, Baby CD
Feelfree Conspiracy – 3 Track EP CD
Felony – Helltown Hotel CD
Fightstar – The English Way (Radio Edit) CD
Fillmore Slim – Glam Thug CD
Fillmore Slim – 5 Track Demo CD
Final Gravity – H20 CD
The Fire – Abracadabra CD
The Firm – If You Don’t Want To Know Life’s Dismal Results CD
The Firm – 4 Track Demo CD
Fizgig – Fizgig CD
The Flairs – S/T EP CD
Fluffy – Black Eye CD
FM – Metropolis CD
FM – Wildside EP CD
The Fondas – Get Out (Single) CD
Forbidden Planet – S/T CD
Ford T – ’04 Rocks CD
Forever Wednesday – Depths
Forgotten Roots – Crosses and Circles CD
Forgotten Roots – You’ll Never Win CD
Four Noble Truths – 4 Track Demo CD
Foxy Roxx – Mixed-Up World CD
Foxy Roxx Promotape 2 Songs
Fozzy – Chasing the Grail CD
Frankenstein Dragqueens From Planet 13 – Night of the Living Dragqueens
Frankie Whyte and the Dead Idols – Hollywood Ending CD
Franky Dee – If I Had a Fortune CD
Freakshow – Freakshow CD
Freefall Felix – Promo EP CD
Free Spirit – Pale Sister of Light CD
Freewheeler - 3 Track Demo CD
Freewheeler – 3 Track Demo CD
Fughu – Absence
Fuji Heavy – 4 Track Demo CD
Full Blown Mosey – Temporal Cadence CD
Full Breach Kicks – Label Sampler #2 CD
Full Scream Ahead – We Write Our Own Anthems CD
Fumble – Rise CD
FuoriUso – Black Signs CD
FuoriUso – Hell Is Better Than All CD
FuoriUso – 6 Track Promo CD
Furyon – 3 Track EP CD
Fury UK – VR CD


The Ga-Ga’s – Replica CD
Galore – Parader CD
Gallows – Staring At the Rude Bois CD Single
Gallows – Orchestra of Wolves CD
Gallows – Abandon Ship CD Single
Gasoline Queen – Gas For the Underclass EP CD
Gatecrashers – Rock n’ Roll Suicide CD
Gemini 5 – Black:Anthem CD
Gemini 5 – Babylon Rockets CD
Gentlemen’s Blues Club – Longhorn Honeymoon CD
Geoff Starr Rock n’ Roll Band – Parafinns & Princesses CD
Geoff Starr Rock n’ Roll Band – Don’t Blame Me CD
Geoff Western’s: Vidiots – Tune In! CD
Giants Fall – 3 Track Promo CD
Gilby Clarke – Live 99 CD
Gilby Clarke – Rubber CD
Gilby Clarke – The Hangover CD
Ginger – Ten
Girl – Killing Time CD
The Girls Can Dish It Out Too (Compilation) CD
Girls On Film – Pershore
Glamour of the Kill – 6 Track EP CD
Glampire – Pretty Scary CD
Glamrock Movie – Velvet Goldmine
Glass Spires – Glass Spires CD
The Glitterati – Are You One of Us? CD
The Glitterati – S/T CD
Glorious Bankrobbers – The Glorious Sound of Rock n’ Roll CD
Glyn Bailey – Songs From the Old Illawalla CD
Glyn Bailey – Toys From Balsa CD
Godsized – The Phoney Tough & The Crazy Brave
Goldblade – Mutiny CD
The Golden Arms – Gimme Some Lips CD
Goldheart Assembly – Wolves and Thieves CD
The Good Time Charlies – Pillars of the Community CD
Gonzales – Checkmate CD
Grand Design – Time Elevation CD
Greed – Burn It Down CD
The Green River Project – 5 Track Demo CD
Greg Georgeson – 100% By Volume CD
The Guestz – Not For Money Just For Glory CD
G.U. Medicine – Lords of Oblivion CD
Gun – Popkiller CD
Gunfire 76 – Casualties & Tragedies CD
Gunner Sgt – Forever Is a Lie CD
Gunner Sgt. – The End of the Line CD
Guttercat & the Milkmen – “Ballad of a Drunk Man” & “Lonely Tears In the Dark” Singles
Guttercat & the Milkmen – 2 Track Demo CD
Gutter Queens – S/T CD
Guttersluts – Screaming At Deaf Ears CD
Guttersluts – Beg, Borrow and Steal CD
Gypsy Pistoleros – Hotel de la Muerte CD
Gypsy Pistoleros – Para Siempre CD
Gypsy Pistoleros – Wild, Beautiful, Damned CD


Hammerhead – Seduction Suite CD
The Handshake Affair – Oh, Oh… Get Her In CD
Handsome Devil – Knock Yourself Out CD
Hanoi Rocks – Twelve Shots On the Rocks CD
Hansel – Mission To Rock CD
Hardcore Superstar – Beg For It CD
Hardcore Superstar – Dreamin’ In a Casket CD
Hardcore Superstar – S/T CD
Hardcore Superstar – Thank You (For Letting Us Be Ourselves) CD
Hardcore Superstar – Bad Sneakers… CD
Hardcore Superstar – It’s Only Rock n’ Roll CD
Hardlein – Down To the Fire CD
Hardreams – Calling Everywhere CD
Hate Gallery – Dead Celebrities EP CD
Hate Gallery – Compassion Fatigue CD
The Hate Junkies – Broke, Busted & Can’t Be Trusted CD
Headrush – Livin’ In a Fantasy CD
H.E.A.T. – Freedom Rock
Heaven’s Basement – Heaven’s Basement CD
Helix – Vagabond Bones CD
Helix – A Heavy Mental Christmas CD
Hellacopters – Head Off! CD
Hellacopters – Strikes Like Lightning CD
Hell City Glamours – Broken Glass & Beatless Hearts CD
Helsinki Seven – Helsinki Seven CD
Her:Enemy – 3 Track Promo CD
Hey Hey My My – A Sudden Change of Mood CD
Hiatus – S/T CD
The Hickey Underworld’s Blonde Fire CD
The Hickey Underworld – The Hickey Underworld CD
The Hickey Underworld’s ‘Mystery Bruise’ CD
Hifi Handgrenades – Carry On CD
High-School Motherfuckers – Want Some?! CD
HIM – Razorblade Romance CD
HIM – Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights CD
Hogjaw – Ironwood
The Hold Steady – Stuck Between Stations CD Single
Holly Ramos – Kiss Like a Waterfall CD
Hollywood – S/T CD
Hollywood Hairspray 5 CD
Hollywood Hairspray 4 CD
Hollywood Killerz – Hittin the Star CD
Hollywood Killerz – Back To Devastation Boulevard CD
Hollywood Rose – The Roots of Guns n’ Roses CD
Hollywood Teasze – No Flakes CD
Hollywood Teasze Demotape
Hollywood Teasze & Trash Brats – Live at Loewen Concert
Hollywood Teasze – Glamdolls in Toyland CD
Hollywood Vampire – Love Is Rock & Roll CD
Honeycomb Love – HCL Style CD
Hooker – 5 Track Demo CD
Hot Rod Linkun – 4 Track Demo CD
Hovercraft Pirates – When Our Wake Hits Your Shore CD
How To Destroy Angels – How To Destroy Angels EP
Hundred Million Martians – Marseille CD
Hundred Million Martians – Solid Rock Planet CD
Hush – S/T CD
Hussto – Fire Your Bullets CD
The Hustle – S/T Promo CD
The Hutchinson’s – Plastic Fruits and Popcorn CD
Hymans – Chairmen of the Bored CD
Hyperjax – The Wildest Card CD
The Hyperjax – The Bottom Line CD


I Am Ghost – Bone Garden (Single) CD
I Am Ghost – Those We Leave Behind CD
Ictus – Handmade & Homegrown CD
The Idols – Dirty Minds Fishnets & High Heels CD
I Got a Violet – Backwash CD
Illuminatus – The Wrath of the Lambs CD
I Love Rich – Seasons of the Rich CD
Immune – 5 Track EP CD
Imperial Vipers – Broken CD
Impotent Sea Snakes – God Save the Queen CD
The Impulse/BoyGirl – Split 7 Inch Single 7″ Vinyl
The Impulse – Shred It!
In Case of Fire – This Time We Stand (Single) CD
Infinite Tone – Impossi-Bull CD
Innerpartysystem – Die Tonight Live Forever (Single) CD
Innerpartysystem – Innerpartysystem CD
Innocent Rosie – BadHabitRomance CD
Insofar – Medicine For the Melancholic
Internal Disfunction – Strangers In Your Own Town CD
Internal Disfunction – Nine Feet Under CD
Isolated Atoms – Tell Me What I Want CD
Itchy Poopzkid – Dead Serious CD

JackDaw4 – The Eternal Struggle For Justice CD
JackViper – Bullets For the Faithful CD
JackViper – Wired CD
JackViper – Sleazy Listening EP/Another Dirty Threesome CD
Jackyl – When Moonshine and Dynamite Collide CD
The Jade – Seconds Away From Salvation CD
Jag – 5 Track Demo CD
Jailhouse – S/T CD
Japanese Voyeurs – That Love Sound/Blush (Single) CD
Japanese Voyeurs – Sicking and Creaming CD
Jay Bennett – The Magnificent Defeat CD
Jeff Dahl – All Trashed Up CD
Jennyfer Star – A Trace of Love and Tears CD
Jennyfer Star – On My Own CD
Jerry Vayne – Disillusions Of Grandeur CD
Jesse Camp & the 8th Street Kidz – S/T CD
Jesse Malin – Glitter In the Gutter CD
Jetboy – A Day In the Glamorous Life CD
Jetboys of Babylon – A Tribute to The New York Dolls CD
Jetliner – S/T CD
Jettblack – Get Your Hands Dirty
Jezebel – 4 Track EP CD
Jezebel – 3 Track Demo CD
Jody Shelton Band – Child EP CD
Joey C Jones – Melodies for the Masses CD
Joey C. Jones and the Glory Hounds – S/T CD
Johnny Burning – Get Up, Get Loose, Get Off! CD
Johnny Crash – Neighbourhood Threat CD
Johnny Get The Gun – Never Far From What We Know
Johnny Kobra – The Smell of Rock n’ Roll CD
Johnny Lima – Livin’ Out Loud CD
John Taglieri – Lives CD
John Taglieri – Everything We Are CD
John Tonic Demotape 3 Songs
Joker Five Speed – Rock & Roll Is a Motherfucker CD
The Joneses – Criminal History Revisited CD
The Joneses – Criminals & Tits and Champagne (2 EPS on 1 CD) CD
The Joneses – Keeping Up With the Joneses CD
The Joneses – Tits and Champagne VINYL
The Jones Gang – So Now You Know CD
Jorn – Dukebox CD
Josh Todd – You Made Me CD
JoyFocus – Cyber Suburban Electro Rock Circus CD
Joy Machine – To Be Rock and Not To Roll CD
The Joystix – So Low City CD
The Joystix – … And Joystix For All CD
The Joystix – Playin’ With Fire CD
The Joystix – Push My Button CD
JParis – Demo CD
J.Thunders & J.Nolan Tribute – Stranded In the Doll’s House CD
JUD – Sufferboy CD
Judge Jackson – S/T CD
Julian Angel – Choreography Sucks CD
Julie the Band – An Act of Communication CD
Juliet’s Vice – Decadence & Romance CD
Junebug – Ticket to Hell CD
The Junk – Novus Ordo Seclorum CD
Junkyard – Tried and True CD


Kai and the Milkwar Boys – The Ballad of Johnny Christ CD
Kamikaze Test Pilots – Dispora
KASMS – Male Bonding (Single) CD
Keel – Streets Of Rock N Roll
Kelly Fairchild – Starland CD
Kenni DeNile – Dreamer CD
Kerrang! The Album ’08 CD
Kevin K – Hollywood CD
Kevin K – Rock n’ Roll Dynamite CD
Kevin K and the Real Kool Kats – Perfect Sin CD
Kevin K – Mr. Bones CD
Kevin K – 13th Street CD
Kevin K – Rule the Heart CD
Kevin Lee and The Kings – Dusk Till Dawn CD
Kickhunter – All In
Kickhunter – Little Monsters CD
Kick n’ Scream – Good Times, Better Times, Worse Times and Cowboys, Dude CD
Kickstarter – S/T CD
Kickstarter – One Stop Shop
Kidd Havok – Roll the Dice CD
Kidnapper Bell – Less Me, More Sky CD
Kiko Rivers – Shake Your Head CD
Kill Cassidy – 14.11
Kill City – I’ll Keep Telling the Same Lie CD
Killer Klown – Gain CD
Killer Kowalskis – First Date (2 Song Single)
Killer’s Favourite Cartoon – Te Voy a Matar CD
Killingbird – Waste Another Yesterday CD
Killin Zoe – New Killer Reaction CD
Kinderwhore – Silence Equals Death CD
The Kingcrows – A Murder Most Foul CD
King James – The Fall
Kingsize – Lithium & Bubblegum CD
Kingskin – Humpin’ Mojo CD
Kinky Retro – Demons & Angels CD
KINN – 3 Track Demo
Kiria – Let Me In CDS
Kiria – Radio
KISS – Sonic Boom CD
Kissin’ Dynamite – Addicted To Metal
Kiss or Kill Presents Volume II CD
Kitty Hudson – 24 Hours To Kill CD
Knotfal – This Thing EP CD
Krank – Ugly Gift CD
Krissteen – S/T CD
Kristy Majors – Sex, Drugs n’ Rock n’ Roll CD
Kristy Majors – The Devil In Me CD
Ky Anto – Doodling On Jazz CD
Kyle Vincent – Wow & Flutter CD


Lady’s Man – Blind of Tears CD
LA Guns – A Nite At the Strip CD (Two Reviews)
LA Guns – Covered In Guns
LA Guns – Greatest Hits and Black Beauties CD
LA Guns – Wasted CD
Lahannya – Welcome To the Underground CD
Lance Skybaby & Fiends – Kick In the Teeth CD
Land$lide Ladie$ – Anyway (Glitter From the Gutter) CD
Land$lide Ladie$ – $ix $tring$ & Cigarette$ CD
LAP – Point and Shoot CD
Laroxx – Laroxx
Last Letter Read – These Stories Roll EP CD
The Last Vegas – Seal the Deal CD
Latexxx Teens – Latex (DE) Generation CD
Leaded Fuel – Inhale and Get Pale CD
Left Side Brain – Colloblast CD
Left Side Brain – Collider CD
Left Side Brain – Rifftrospective
Lemon Bird – Rara Avis CD
Lemon Bird – The Hangman And The Jury
Levelload – I’ve Been Thinking (Single) CD
Liberty n Justice – Light It Up CD
The Lidocaine – The Voices and Noises of Kiling Koling CD
Life & Times – 2 Track Demo
Lions In the Street – Lions In the Street CD
Lipgloss Demotape 5 Songs
Little Rebel – Full Rebel Jacket CD
Lipstixx N Bulletz – Bang Your Head CD
Livid – One CD
Living Dead Lights – 5 Track EP CD
Lizhard – Lizhard CD
Loci – Medic CD
London Blackmarket – The Hardest Stone To Throw CD
The Long Knives – S/T CD
Los Skeletones – Supercalifunkalistic CD
Loud n’ Nasty – No One Rocks Like You CD
Loud n’ Nasty – Too Much Ain’t Enough CD
Loud n’ Nasty – I Wanna Live My Life In the Fame CD
Loud n’ Nasty – Sweet Sixteen CD
Loud n’ Nasty – S/T CD
Love Injections – Breakfast For Champions CD
Love Injections – 3 Sheets To the Wind CD
The Loveless – A Tale of Gin and Salvation CD
The Loving Dead – S/T CD
Lovvers – Think (Mini Album) CD
The Loyalties – So Much For Soho CD
The Loyalties/Radio Dead Ones – Black Jimmy/Jimmy Does Split Single CD
LR Rockets – Renee Loves Losers (Single) CD
LR Rockets – Dance It Away EP CD
Lucky Bastardz – Hated For Who We Are CD
Lunacy Box – Lunacy Box CD
Lust Under Virgo – Both Sides of the Dime CD
Luxury Pushers – Welcome To the Party, Traitor CD
Lynam – Slave To the Machine CD


M.A.D. – For Crown and Ring CD
Mad Lee Riot – Terra In Cognito CD
Mad Margitt – In the Name of Rock CD
Mad Margitt – Cold Sweat CD
Maeven – Girl In Blue CD
Malice In Wonderland – S/T CD
Malice In Wonderland – Sin and Decadence CD
Manic Street Preachers – This Is My Truth, Tell Me Yours CD
Marc Ferreira – Working Overtime CD
The Mardigras Bombers – Touched By the Hand of Nobby Bobson CD
Margate – On the Other Side CD
Mars Electric – Fame Among the Vulgar CD
The Matlocks – Hats, Dogs ‘n’ Daggers CD
The Matlocks Vs. The Rock United – Rumble On the Tundra CD
The Matlocks – EP CD
Mavalour – Election Smile CD
MCRACKINS/Los Di Maggios Split Disc CD
MCRACKINS – Bat Out of Shell CD
The Medicine Bow – Another String To the Bow CD
The Medullary Paralysis – EP CD
Megaphone – Toy Boy/Movie Queen CD
Mercury Boy – Get It Goin’ CD
Mercy Killers/Enemy Rose – …and To Become One CD
Michael Monroe – Another Night In The Sun
Michael Monroe – Life Gets You Dirty CD
Michael Monroe – Peace of Mind CD
Midasuno – Sister Temptation CD
Midasuno – Songs In the Key of Fuck CD
Midnight Circus – Money Shot CD (2)
Midnight Circus – Money Shot CD
Mike Gatto – A Guilty Kind of Pleasure CD
Mikki Munday – Fire It Up EP CD
Millencolin – Machine 15 CD
The Millions – Million Dollar Rock CD
Misfits Meet the Nutley Brass – Fiend Club Lounge CD
Miss 45 – Steals the Show CD
Miss 45 – 4 Track EP CD
Miss Crazy – S/T CD
The Mistakes – Dressed for Suckcess (Advance Tape)
The Mistakes – Angry Youth CD
Mister Manic Demotape 8 Songs
Mob Research – Holy City Zoo CD
Monocle Rose – Lolly CD
Monocle Rose – 4 Track Demo CD
Monster-0 – Entertainment System CD
More Demotape 6 Songs
Moscow Drive – Colossal CD
Mostly Autumn – Go Well Diamond Heart
Moth Circus – Sideshow Sweetheart CD
Mother Mercy – Love At First Bite CD
Motochrist – Greetings From the Bonneville Salt Flats CD
Motorcity Brags – Ten Arrogant Tales CD
Mum Locked In Castle – Lions Led
Murderdolls – Beyond the Valley Of the Murderdolls CD
My Passion – Booman (2 Track 2008) CD
MySpace Invaders – 666 High Score
Mystechs – City Folk CD


Naked – Get Naked CD
Naked Beggars – Spit It Out CD
Naked Beggars – S/T CD
The Nash – Kicks and Glory CD
Nasty Idols – Boys Town CD
Nasty Idols – Rejects On the Road DVD
Nasty Kixx – Hometown Blues CD
Naughty Boys – Destiny Calls CD
Negative – Anorectic CD
Neil Leyton – Beat CD
The Nerds – … Just Because She Didn’t Fuck
New Found Glory – Not Without a Fight CD
New Generation Superstars – Raising the Stakes CD
New Generation Superstars – Crash Course… In Rock n’ Roll CD
New Generation Superstars – Dopefiend CD
New Generation Superstars – How To Hate Friends & Alienate People CD
New Generation Superstars – Demo CD
The Newlydeads – S/T CD
The New York Loose – Born To Loose CD
Nick Black – Hollow CD
Nick Vivid – Demo CD
Nicollette Knight – 6 Track Demo CD
Nikki Sudden – The Truth Doesn’t Matter CD
No Bounds Tonight – Rock n’ Roll HXC CD
Noise of Reality – Rock Beast CD
None the Less – The Way To Save Ourselves CD
No One Gets Out Alive II CD
Notorious – Radio Silence
Nude Pube Banglers – Sexual Famine CD
Nutrajet – Protection EP CD
Nympho – V.I.P. (Very Indecent People) CD


The O.A.O.T’s – Typical CD
Obsessive Compulsive – Dreams of Death and The Death of Dreams CD
Obsessive Compulsive – The Corpse of Thought CD
Obsessive Compulsive – A Dream For Every Occasion CD
Ocean Bottom Nightmare – We Are Serious CD
Odin – Best Of CD
One:Day:Life – Heroes, Hoods and Headphones CD
One Nine Hundred – S/T CD
One Soul Thrust – 1ST
Ono Palindromes – Kitty Magic CD
The Orphan Punks – Running w/ Scissors CD
The Outside Royalty – 5 Track Demo CD
Overloaded – Regeneration CD/DVD
Overloaded – S/T CD
Overthrow – 6 Track EP CD


Paalmer – Old School CD
Paddy and the Rats – Rats On Board CD
Pale Imitations – More of the Same EP CD
Panzer Princess – Oh No, It’s Panzer Princess CD
Papa Roach – Metamorphosis CD
Paradice – Sex, Lipstick & Rock n’ Roll CD
Paradise Alley – Heartbreakers & Homewreckers CD
Patchwork Grace – Zebra (Single) CD
Paul Bernstein and His Wide Stance – 5 Track EP CD
Peep Show – Out For Blood CD
Peep Show – 5 Track Demo CD
Penny Lane – Midnight Tales From the Fun House: Part 1 CD
Pennywise – Reason To Believe CD
Peppermint Creeps – We Are the Weirdoz CD
Peppermint Creeps – Animatron X CD
Peppermint Creeps Demotape
Peter Blast – A Plush Horse… With a Monkey On a String CD
Peter Blast – Pure Organic Junk CD
The Pigs – Oink! CD
Pilotlight – The Post War Musical
Pipes and Pints – Until We Die CD
Pitchblend – Celsius CD
Pitchblend – The Lines of Unreason CD
Plan 9 – Dead Inside CD
Plan 9 – Dead Inside (Demotape)
Plank – 6 Track EP CD
Plasma Blast – The Shocking Truth… CD
Plasma Blast – Suicide Sessions (Demotape)
Plastic Tears – Nine Lives Never Dies CD
Plastic Toys – Still Alive (Single) CD
The Pocket Rockets – It’s Not Rocket Science (But I Like It) CD
The Pocket Rockets – Rocket Ride CD
The Pocket Rockets – Discrete and Powerful CD
Poisin Jett Gunz – Demo CD
Poison – Poison’d CD
Poison – Hollyweird CD
Poison – Power to the People CD
Poison – Crack a Smile CD
The Poison Ivvy – Out For a Kill CD
Pompei Nights – Midnight Mistress EP
The Poodles – Metal Will Stand Tall CD
The Poodles – Sweet Trade CD
The Popsters – Our Bites Bring You Back CD
The Popsters – Everything I Want
Pornovurt – 9 Track S/T Demo CD
The Posies – Every Kind of Light CD
Powell Morgan & 65 Roses – 3 Track Demo CD
Power – Cowboys of the Apocalypse CD
Power For Passion – File Under: Power Pop 1978-85 CD
Powerslide – Peel CD
Premacy – Voices Above CD
Premacy – Fragile Lives CD
Pretty Boy Floyd – Porn Stars CD
Pretty Boy Floyd – A Tale of Death, Designer Drugs… CD
Pretty Boy Floyd Demotape 3 Songs
Pretty Suicide – Pretty Suicide 3 Track EP CD
Pretty Volume – S/T CD
Pretty Wild – All the Way CD
Primadonnaz – S/T CD
Primadonnaz – Lucky CD
Priscilla – High Fashion
Private Line – 21st Century Pirates CD
Product Recall – Liquor In the Front Poker Round the Back CD
The Project – This Side Up CD
Prom Queen Starz Demotape 5 Songs
Prospect Place – 4 Track Demo CD
Psycho Gypsy – Psycho Gypsy CD
The Psychos – Demo CD
Puck – Beyond Reason CD
Punkrock compilation – Back To Rockaway Beach 2 CD
Push Advance Tape


The Queers – Beyond the Valley of the Assfuckers CD
The Quireboys – Well Oiled CD
The Quireboys – This Is Rock n’ Roll CD


Rachel Stamp – Oceans Of Venus CD
Radiovipers – The Morning Sunburst CD
Ragged Hearts – The Bright White Light CD
Raggitty Anne Demotape 16 Songs
Raising Sand – All Out War CD
R’a'mouns – Rockaway Beach Boys CD
Rancid – Let the Dominoes Fall CD
Rancid – Last One To Die (Single) CD
The Rapscallions – Suck E.P. CD
Rattlesnake Remedy – S/T CD
Ray C – Walking Into Walls CD
Razzle Dazzle Inc. – For Your Body For Your Soul CD
Rebel Rebel – France Comes Alive CD
Rebel Rebel – Explode Into Space CD
Rebel Rebel – Lifestyles of the Sick and Famous CD
Reckless Love – Reckless Love CD
Recognition Records Comp. – Smells like Punkaction CD
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Don’t You Fake It CD
Red Letter Merchant – Leave It All Behind CD
Redlight Attraction – Restless Soul CD
Red Star Rebels – Fuck n’ Run CD
Renegade Playboys – 5 Track Demo CD
Retarded – S/T
Reverse Order – Reverse Order CD
Revolting Cocks – Got Cock? CD
Re-Wind – Part-Time Entertainment CD
The Rex Carroll Band – That Was Then, This Is Now
Ricky Warwick – Belfast Confetti CD
Rikki Rockett – Glitter 4 Your Soul CD
Riot:Noise – Fight the People EP CD
Riot:Noise – Never Wrong CD
Riot Queens – First Class Ticket To Hell
Rise East Strike West – To the Lions CD
Road Vultures – Just Say Yes CD
The Roaming Soldiers – Shine Bird Shine CD
Robert Sweet – Love Trash CD
Robin Brock – Monsters CD
Robin George – Crying Diamonds & Dangerous Music Live
Rock City Angels – Use Once and Destroy CD
Rocket 69 – Demolition Diary CD
The Rocket Dolls – Frame EP CD
Rockets To Ruin – Love*Drugs*Rebellion CD
Rock n’ Roll Riot – Starring Suckerstarz & Sonicdollz CD
Rock n’ Roll Stormtroopers – On Fire CD
Rock Sugar – Re-Imaginator
Roller – Impossibly Real CD
Romeo’s Dead – So Far (2 Song Single)
Romeo’s Dead – A Beautiful Mess (4 Song Demotape)
Rose Hill Drive – Moon Is the New Earth CD
Rose Tattoo – Blood Brothers CD
Ross Royce – Life Worth Living CD
Roswells – Rock n Roll U.F.O CD
Rough Citizen – Echolocation
Roxx Gang – Old, New, Borrowed & Blue CD
Ruby Slippers – You’ve Tasted Glam… Now Swallow Glitter CD
Ruin – Believe in the Ruins CD
The Rumours – The Mighty Can Fall CD
Run From Robots – Sorry You Don’t Love Us CD
Rydell & Quick – R.O.C.K.A.H.O.L.I.C. CD


Sacred Heart – Shake CD
Sahara Rain – Sand In Your Hands CD
Sahara Steel – Sahara Steel CD
Saints of the Underground – Love the Sin, Hate the Sinner CD
SAL – Conversations With My Therapist CD
SAL – Infatuation CD
Salvation Star Brigade – So Pornocrapically Correct CD
Sammy Serious – Last Stop O.P. Hotel CD
Sassy Scarlet – What Were Once Vices… Are Now Habits! CD
Scarecrows – Go to Hell (6 Song Demo)
Scarlet Violet – Animated Freaks CD
Scarlet Violet – Ready To Rock CD
The Scaramanga Six – Songs of Prey CD
The Science Fiction Idols – Diamonds and Demons CD
The Science Fiction Idols – Spooky Sugar CD
Screaming Angel – The Inner War EP CD
Screaming Tarts: The Album (Vol.3) CD
Scritt Scrat – Psycho Tracks CD
Scritt Scrat – S/T CD
Scutty Neighbours – DE45 CD
Scutty Neighbours – Noise Police CD
Sebasrockets – S/T CD
Secret Rivals – Start Fires
Secret Rivals – What Fists Are For CD
Secret Smile – This Is Our Time Now CD
Sequel – S/T CD
Serial Obsession – 6 Track EP CD
Serial Obsession – Shotgun Opera
Serious Suicide – Off With Your Head CD
Serious Suicide – 4 Track Demo CD
Seventh Rize – Full Moon CD
S.E.X. Department – Rock n’ Roll Suicide CD
S.E.X. Department – S/T CD
Sgt. Roxx – Weapon of Miss Distraction CD
Shake City – Shake City CD
Shame 18 – Dead Eyes Are Forever Gone
Shameless – Splashed CD
Shameless – Queen 4 a Day CD
Shard – Make Me Butterfly CD
Sharpkid – Welcome to Our World CD
Sherlock Brothers – Sherlock Brothers CD
Shinedown – Devour CD
Shooting Blanks – You’re Not Gonna Want To Hear This CD
Shoot the Breeze – Angels Avenue EP CD
Shoot Your Idols – 2 Track Demo CD
Shotgun Messiah – S/T CD
Shylock – RockBuster CD
Sick Six Crush – S/T CD
Side-Show Sirens – Last Exit To Bispham CD
Side-Show Sirens – Coffin Leather EP CD
Silent Disguise – Blueprints EP
Silent Sirens – 4 Track EP CD
Silver – World Against World CD
Silver City Bandits Demotape
Silver Dirt – Never Give Up CD
Silver Dirt – Sonic Live 2006 DVD
Silver Dirt – Sonic Boom CD
Silverjet – Silverjet CD
Simon Chainsaw – Eight Times Lucky (Retrospective Best Of 1999-2010)
Simply Slang – 4 Track S/T EP CD
The Sinisters – Memories of a Happy Hell CD
Sinn – Jailbreak CD
Sinnerstar – Craving Aches and Bitter Lemon Hearts CD
Sister – Ain’t Going Home CD
Sister – Shock Rock Party Pop CD
Sister Sin – Switchblade Serenades CD
Sixsin – Anarchy EP CD
Skam# – Killing Time EP
Skandal – Stripclub Neon CD
Skeptic Eleptic – Sick Sick Sick CD
Skinny Vein – S/T (3 Song Demo)
Skintight Jaguars – Leather Clad Sons of Satan CD
The Slackers – The Great Rocksteady Swindle CD
The Slagsterz – So In Love With the Rock n’ Roll World CD
Slaves To Fashion – 4 Track EP CD
Sleaze Vice – 2 Track Demo
Sledgehammer Ledge – S/T CD
Slick’s Kitchen – Half Evil – Half Album (2nd Review) CD
Slick’s Kitchen – Half Evil – Half Album CD
Slingshot Kitty – Up Yours! CD
Slipping Stitches – Melody Cruise CD
Slomber – Dirty Drinks and One Night Stands CD
Smirnov – Privetearihi CD
Snakeskin – Been Here Before CD
The Social – A Call To Arms EP CD
Social Distortion – Greatest Hits CD
The Soda Pop Kids – Write Home CD
Soho Roses – Whatever Happened To… The Complete Works of CD
The Solid – Arrivals and Departures CD
Sonic Boom Boys – Cheap & Nasty Rock n’ Roll CD
Sonicdollz – Better Be Dead … Than Fit In the Trend CD
Sonic Orchid – Love & War CD
Sons of Buddha – Buddha Hates Us All CD
SORA – Desire and Truth CD
The So So Glos – The So So Glos CD
Soul Doctor – Way Back To the Bone CD
Space Age Baby Jane – The Electric Light Parade CD
Space Age Playboys – Space Age Playboys CD
Spank – Get Bent CD
Sparkling Bombs – Spray Paint Prayers CD
Sparkling Bombs – Diamond Skin CD
Sparkling Bombs – Dead Dreams From the Silver Gutter CD
Sparkling Bombs – From Bubblegum Fun To Glittered Depression CD
Speedjackers – Favourite Sons CD
Spider Rockets – Spider Rockets CD
Spiders and Snakes – Melodrama CD/DVD
Spiders & Snakes – Hollywood Ghosts CD
Spiders & Snakes – London Daze CD
Spiders & Snakes – Nonstop Rock (2 Song Single)
Spiders & Snakes – Astro Pop CD
Spinal Tap – Back From the Dead CD
Spiral Fetish – Whatever Happened to Fun?!?! CD
Spitkiss – Not For Human Consumption CD
Spit Like This – We Won’t Hurt You (But We Won’t Go Away) CD
Spit Like This – Dragged Kicking & Screaming CD
The Square Hippies – The Square Hippies CD
SR-71 – Here We Go Again CD
Staci T. Rat – Year of the Rat CD
Stage Dolls – Always CD
Stallion Four – Devil In Me CD
Stallion Four – First Cuts CD
Starecat – Dum Dum CD
Starlet Suicide – Makin All the Noize CD
Starlet Suicide – Broken Doll CD
Star Rats – Screw the Consequences CD
Starry Eyes – You and I (Single)
The Star Spangles – Bazooka!!! CD
Star Star – The Love Drag Years CD
The Stars Underground – Soundtrack To a Suicide CD
The Start – Ciao Baby CD
State of Rock – A Point of Destiny CD
Static Thought – The Motive For Movement CD
Steel Panther – Feel the Steel CD
Steevi Jaimz – Glam Damnation CD
Steevi Jaimz – My Private Hell CD
Stellar Tuesday – 5 Track Demo CD
Stellar Tuesday – 3 Track Demo CD (2)
Stellar Tuesday – 3 Track Demo CD
Stephen Pearcy – Fueler CD
Stereo Junks – Suicide Angels CD
Steriod Freak Pussy – Conquer and Divide CD
Steriogram – This Is Not the Target Market CD
Stevie Rachelle – Who the Hell Am I? CD
Stick It Out – Stick It Out CD
Sticky Sweet – 4 Track Demo CD
Straight Razor Angels – Straight Razor Angels
Straight To Jail – 6 Track Demo CD
Stratosphere – Time CD
Strawberry Blondes – Fight Back CD
Stray – Valhalla
Street Brats – See You At the Bottom…. CD
Strike Twice – Strike Twice CD
Strip Sunset – 2 Track Demo CD
The Stript – 6 Track Promo CD
Stryper – Reborn CD
The Stuff – Pl-Pl-Please/Bad Day At Blood Beach 2 Track Single CD
The Stuff – Pick It Up, Pig Boy CD
Subway Sect – 1978 Now CD
Sugar Shock – First Date CD
Suicide Alley – 13 CD
Suicide Kings – Supersonic CD
Suicide Kings – S/T CD
Suicide Tuesday – Desperation EP CD
Sunroad – Long Gone CD
The Supercalas – Life In a Middle England Town CD
Supercharger – Junkyard Spectacles CD
Supercharger (UK) – Smashing Up the Future EP CD
Supergroupies – S/T CD
Supergroupies – La Musique Pornographique CD
Superhorrorfuck – Livingdeadstars
Superhuman – As Human As We Are CD
Superhuman – Taste It CD
Supervoss – Piece of My Heart CD
Supervoss – Sexy Punk CD
Supragod – Army In White CD
Surefire – Surefire CD
Swank Deluxe – An Acceptable Level of Decadence CD
Sweden’s Honky Tonk All Stars 7″
Sweet Cheater – Eatin’ Ain’t Cheatin’ CD
Sweet Cyanide – Sweet Cyanide CD
Swindle-a-Go-Go – The Glamurder Traxx CD
Switchblade – Rock n’ Roll 4ever CD
Switchblade – Switchblade Serenade CD
Switchblade – 7 Track Sampler CD
Sybil – Every Parents Dream CD
Sybilla – The Invisible Sandglass CD
Syrym – Syrym CD
The Szuters – S/T CD


Taking Dawn – Time To Burn CD
Tazberry Blue – Short Attention Span CD
Tchort – Love Metal CD
Teaza – Teaza CD
Teenage Casket Company – Best Friend Is My Radio CD
Teenage Casket Company – Eat Your Heart Out CD
Teenage Casket Company – Dial It Up CD
The Teenage Idols – Erase Me CD
Templeton Pek – No Association Single CD
Templeton Pek – Scratches And Scars
Tempus – Romantic Resolution CD
Tesla – Into the Now CD
Texas Terri and the Stiff Ones – Eat Shit CD
Texas Vampires – S/T CD
Therapy? – Crooked Timber CD
Therapy? – We’re Here To The End
The Things – S/T CD
The Thin Men – Demos 2008 CD
Thirty Seconds To Mars – The Kill (Rebirth) CD Single
Thirty Seconds To Mars – A Beautiful Lie CD
Three Quarter Stone – Bullet With a Name CD
Thunderbird 13 – Take Or Leave It CD
Tiger Army – Music From Regions Beyond CD
Tigertailz – Thrill Pistol (+ U.S. Wazbones ’92) CD
Tigertailz – Bezerk 2.0 CD
Tigertailz – Young & Crazy CD
Tiny Terrors – Titi Bang Bang EP CD
Titan – Steps CD
The Toilet Boys – Live In London CD
The Toilet Boys – Living Like a Millionaire CD
Tom Frelek – Moment Of Certainty
Tonk – Sister Switchblade CD
Too Sophisticated – The Art of Making Noise!!! CD
Too Sophisticated – The Sweet Kings of Rock n’ Roll CD
Top Hat Alleycat – Top Hat Alleycat’s Most Triumphant EP CD
Top Johnny – Top Johnny CD
Torch Le Monde – Eat the Words CD
The Torn – Demos 1 and 2 CD
Torpedohead – Let’s Go For A Ride EP
Torpedohead – Lovesick Avenue CD
Towers of London – Fizzy Pop CD
Toxic Twist – S/T CD
Toyz – Carte Blanche CD
Tracii Guns – Killing Machine CD
Tracy Gang Pussy – Number 4 CD
Tracy Gang Pussy – Paris Sucks! CD
Tracy Gang Pussy – Demo CD
Trash Brats – American Disaster
Trash Brats – S/T (Re-Released Debut) CD
Trashcan Darlings – Getting Away With Murder CD
Trashcan Darlings – 10 Years of Trash DVD
Trashcan Darlings – Tunes From the Trashcan CD
Trashcan Darlings – Episode 1: The Lipstick Menace CD
Trash Catz – Wild Young & Free? CD
Trashpit Magazine – Volume 1: New Breed Rising CD
Trashtown Thrillers – A Red Rose and a Shotgun Kiss CD
Traumatisme – Horrorwood Rocks! CD
Traumatisme – Horrorwood Rocks 2
Travoltas – TeenBeat CD
Treat – Coup De Grace
True Beat – Back To Square One CD
True Beat – Words of Wisdom CD
Tsar – Band-Girls-Money CD
Tubetop – Three Minute Hercules CD
Tuff Five Different Albums CD’s
Turbo AC’s – Damnation Overdrive CD
Tuuli – Here We Go CD
Twisted Sister – Live At the Astoria CD/DVD
Two Choices – Have You Heard? CD
Tyla – Bloody Hell Fire CD


Undercover Slut – Amerikkka Macht Frei CD
Undercover Slut – Drama-Sick Democra-Sin CD
Undercover Slut – Communism Is Fascism CD
Undercover Slut – Naziconographick: Terrorism Tracks For Nihilistic Numbers CD
Underground Attack – Sleazy Dream CD
Under Neath What – What Is It/Up Yours With the Downfall, Baby CD(s)
The Union – The Union
United Enemies – All the Sick Things We Do CD
The Upperclass Bastards – No-Bless Oblige CD
Upskirts – Sidewalk Susie CD
Urgencies – Desolation Chic CD
Urkke T & the Midlife Crisis – Ask Not What You Can Do For Your Country 7″ Single
UZI – Madhouse CD


Vain – On the Line CD
Vains of Jenna – The Art of Telling Lies CD
The Valentine Failures – Lights Out In Suicide City CD
Vamp – Tales of Love and Lovelessness CD
Vamp – S/T CD
Vampire Love Dolls – S/T CD
Vanity Ink – More Senseless Random Behaviour CD
Vanity Ink – On Your Skin CD
Vanity Ink – Vanity Is a Full-Time Job CD
Vanity Ink – …Roadkills! EP CD
Various Artists: Saints and Sinners CD
Various Artists: The Haiti Project CD
Various Artists – Back To Rockaway Beach 1 CD
Various Artists – The Pink & The Black CD
Various Artists - Indie-pendence Day CD
Veil Cassini – 5 Track EP CD
Velvet Star – Velvet Star CD
Velvet Star – Dirty Girl CD
The Vibes – Whiskey, Sex & Rock ‘n’ Roll CD
Vietnam – S/T CD
Villette – 3 Track Demo CD
Villette – 3 Track Demo CD
Villette – 3 Track Demo CD
Vince Neil – Tattoos and Tequila CD
Vincent and the Onepotts – Devils Eye CD
Violent Angel – Kick It Up EP CD
Violent Divine – In Harm’s Way CD
Violent Divine – Release The Hounds CD
Violent Divine – S/T CD
Virginia Creeper – Comfortable With the Pain CD
Vision – Moutain In The Sky (Collector’s Edition)
Vision – Vision (25th Anniversary Edition)
VK Lynne – Whiskey Or Water CD
The Volcanics – The Volcanics CD
The Voodoo Dollies – Sexorcist CD
Voodoo Johnson – Into the Red EP CD
Voodoo Lovecats/The Sinisters – El Noche De El Siniestro Vudu CD
Voodoo Lovecats – Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things CD
Voodoo Moonshine – Decade of Decay CD
Voodoo Six – A Little Something For You CD
Voodoo Six – First Hit For Free CD
Voodoo Six – Fluke?


Walk.Don’t.Walk – Day From Hell (Single) CD
Waltham – S/T CD
Warrior Soul – And We Rock and Roll CD
W.A.S.P. – Babylon CD
Waysted – The Harsh Reality CD
We Ain’t Housewife Material – An International Collection of All Girl Punk, Rock & Garage CD
Wednesday 13 – Bloodwork E.P. CD
Wednesday 13 – Fuck It, We’ll Do It Live CD/DVD
Wednesday 13 – Fang Bang CD
Weezer – Death To False Metal
Weezer – Pinkerton Deluxe
We Got This Far – Blunt Force Volume CD
We’ll All Be Heroes – Everything Must Go CD
What’s Eating Gilbert Grape – A Blue Image CD
White Hot Odyssey – S/T CD
White Widdow – White Widdow
White Wizzard – High Speed GTO CD
Who Shot Who – Onwards & Upwards
Wicked Kin – Born Killers CD
Wig Wam – Non Stop Rock And Roll
Wild Faith – Shabby Road EP CD
The Wildhearts – Chutzpah! Jnr CD
The Wildhearts – Chutzpah! CD
The Wildhearts – The Only One (Single) ITunes
The Wildhearts – Riff After Riff CD
The Wildhearts – Tokyo Suits Me CD
The Wildhearts – Endless, Nameless CD
Willow Wisp – The Building Up and Breaking Down of Matter CD
Willycranes – Domestic Disturbance CD
Willycranes – Gone Fighting CD
The Winter Olympics – The Winter Olympics II
Winter Parade – Two CD
Wired Desire – 4 Track Demo CD
The Wireless – Been There Before CD
Witch – Paralysed CD
Wolfchild – S/T CD
Wolfchild – Toxic CD
Worlds Apart – Clean Slate CD
Wrapped In Plastic – Satan’s Bakesale


XXX – Heaven, Hell or Hollywood CD


You Me At Six – Jealous Minds Think Alike CD
Young & Fabulous – The Greatest Album in the History of Music CD
Young Heart Attack – Rock and Awe CD


Zan Clan – We Are Zan Clan… Who the Fuck Are You? CD
Zappnin Black – Jesus Christ Supercross CD
Zebrahead – MFZB CD
Zen Motel – Stations of the Dead CD
Zeropunk – Zeropunk
Zico Chain – Food CD
Zico Chain – Anaemia CD
Zico Chain – Where Would You Rather Be? CD
Zitter – The Vulture Punk n’ Roll Machine CD
Zombina and the Skeletones – Staci Stasis CD
Zombina and the Skeletones – Mondo Zombina CD
Zombina and the Skeletones – I Was a Human Bomb For the FBI CD
Zoodrive – Not Fully Medicated CD
Zooparty – 3 Track Demo CD