News Update 22 May 2008

May 22, 2008 – 03:32

Sex With Lurch have added a tranni-glam-redneck video on myspace tv that will crack your ass up. It’s called ‘The Biggest Lie’, make sure to go check it out

Butch Walker will be out on a U.S. tour during July and August with Jesse Malin, pre-sale tickets are available for those only on their Internet Community (there’s reasons to join mailing lists), full gig listings are available on his myspace page. “I put a different kind of show together this time around, that basically involves me on vocals and guitar, me on bass, oh and me on the piano… And wait… Me on drums too. It should be interesting (or a train wreck), but either way, why wouldn’t you wanna see that? I think I will come up with some clever name for it now… Maybe the “One Man Bad” tour? Ok. There it is. The record has a more personal approach to the songs so I want the shows to be there same. Might even be neat if some people got up and played with me on some songs”

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