News Update 26 February 2008

February 26, 2008 – 02:54

Blastzone Entertainment Group is proud to announce the distribution deal done by their A&R guy Teddy Heavens (Rebel Rebel and FTW Management) with Krunk/Kottak. Krunk/Kottak consists of Athena Lee (Tommy Lee’s sister) and James Kottak (Scorpions). Look for two CD’s “Greatest Hits” and “Therapy” coming to a store near you in June 2008. For more info contact Mike

Pretty Boy Floyd (Original Members Reunion – Kristy, Vinnie, Steve and Kari) & Revlon Red, live @ The Happy Ending Bar (formerly Acapulco Restaurant), 7038 W. Sunset Blvd, La Brea Ave, LA (7pm-10pm), March 1st. Limited advance tickets available, call now (213) 891 3818

Pleasure Maker’s new album ‘Love On the Rocks’ to be released July 2008. Points of sale worldwide made by Target Records, Metal Mayhem, Perris Records and Musicbuymail

Fading Ways Records gleefully introduce… THE FIRST YEARLY GREAT FW MUSIC STORE BACK-CATALOGUE CHALLENGE SHUFFLE! In which several of you will undoubtedly complete some gaps in your record collections, and others win the much coveted “Stump Leyton” (TM) mystery prize! Here are the rules: 1. Think up some pre-2008 music releases that you have always wanted to have but have been unable to find, or unable to buy. 2. Send up to three such titles (Artist Name and Album Name) in an email. 3. Check the store catalogue in 24hrs. Your three titles shall magically have appeared at very competitive prices. 4. (optional) Order the titles you want…. If your titles have not appeared in the store within a maximum of 72hrs, you have stumped Leyton. A great inquest shall then be opened into such rare back-catalogue titles, and if indeed it is obtainable (not out of print) by us we shall get it for you at the best possible price. Your name will also be entered into the great black top hat for the final draw of the “Stump Leyton” pot. Three winners shall be announced the first week of March and three mystery prizes shall be awarded them. The GREAT CHALLENGE SHUFFLE ends March 1st, so hurry now and send in your back catalogue title requests and let the games begin!

Steevi Jaimz Band are pleased to announce their forthcoming shows in Italy, which are as follows: 24 April 08, 8pm @ Sottotetto, Bologna; 25 April 08, 8pm @ TBA; 26 April 08, 8pm @ Lucille, Verona. For further information please check URL or URL

Brijette West, the force behind the New York Loose, is currently preparing to launch a new solo project with new material soon to be released on the web. Brijitte also sang backing vocals on the track ‘Walking on the Wildside’ from the forthcoming covers album ‘Jesse Malin – On Your Sleeve’. Head over to URL for more details

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