New Review & News Update 12 February 2008

February 12, 2008 – 10:33

Hiatus – S/T (CD)

Finnish rockers Negative are looking for a new rhythm guitar player. The band will start the recording sessions for their fourth album with producer Mikko Karmila in February. Anyone interested in the position, please email a sample of your playing (a link to an audio- or video file), a photo and a short biography

White Lion – European Tour Schedule Updated With Norwegian Dates

Check out the new Gypsy Pistoleros Video

Butch Walker has elected to release a bunch of music this year. All on Holidays! First up, is “Leavin’ The Game On Lucky Street”. A live DVD and live Audio release of the amazing hometown Atl show at the Tabernacle, during the ’07 “Let’s Go Out Tonites” tour. The audio-only release of the show (in it’s 2 hr plus entirety) is coming out on Valentines Day 2008 and you can find it at URL. It’s followed up with the entire show caught on a 12 camera shoot on video and put to DVD! That will be released very shortly through his webstore. There’s also a great project that you may have been made aware of through the cover art contest for a group called 1969. It’s a record that involves Butch and Darren (from the LGOT’s) and Michael (from The Academy Is..). They did a recording of songs a long time ago, but got distracted, so never released it. Well they’re now releasing it. This comes out on April Fool’s Day and you can find it at URL. Just don’t expect it to be another Butch record because it isn’t. Next up: to be released on a holiday this summer… Here comes the….. Butch record. He has a new record in the works called Sycamore Meadows. ”In honor of the fact that only street-core dj’s and indi music snob assholes actually own record players (neither of which actually care about/for my music), I’m releasing 1969 and Sycamore Meadows on a limited run of Vinyl.”

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