News Update 20 August 2008

August 20, 2008 – 02:05

Snarling punk rockers Static Thought have posted a new track online from their forthcoming sophomore album “The Motive for Movement”, out on Hellcat Records September 15th. Listen to “Faces” at URL

The third installment of The Greatest Music Ever Created and How It Ruined Our Lives has been posted and is ready for viewing. This time around, host and resident lunatic Eric Braverman takes on subjects such as the wilderness, the pursuit of happiness and the with the “black Jew” himself, Terrible Ted Nugent. Ted sits down with Braverman on the anniversary of his 6,000th show in at the Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, AZ and discusses his “Good List” and his “Bad List” which includes American on American crime and health care amongst other things. He also describes in detail a bear hunt in which he took a fan on and his disdain for the term “heavy metal.” As always, be sure to watch beyond the interview segment for more wackiness. The episode can be viewed at URL. Past episodes of The Greatest Music Ever Created and How It Ruined Our Lives can be seen at URL and URL

Gypsy Pistoleros will cement their position as the top flamenco Glam Sleaze group ever as they headline the Second stage at Rock the Bayou Festival Sunday 1st Sept 8.05-9.15pm just before Bret Michaels

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