News Update 16 July 2008

July 16, 2008 – 03:55

Pre-order Vanity Blvd’s new CD ‘Rock n Roll Oversode’. Shipped directly to your mailbox on streetday 080827

Buccaneering crew Goldblade bring their swashbuckling galleon to the high seas once more for their fifth album, ‘Mutiny’ (release date 8th Sept 08) calling for revolution and booty! With a piratical glee and a blur of limbs and sweatshod torso they tear up the stage like a gang of mutant pirates armed with a lyrical cutlass of searing social commentary, fierce guitars and a sex, style and subversion of a holy fuck of a live show. Check the following website for upcoming tour dates

Traci Michaelz Memorial Show, 8th August 08, All Ages @ Keyclub, 9039 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA. $7 at the door or go to Ticketmaster for tickets. Special performances by Peppermint Creeps and Friends. Also available now at URL, Traci Michaelz ‘Rock In Peace’ Tee

Z ROCK TALENT 08 is a totally new and exciting project which we hope will develop the UK’s live scene and help unsigned bands get their music heard! Z Rock Talent 08 will be staged on 8th November 08 at the Limelight club, Crewe, UK with the prize being the opening act at Z Rock 09 plus a possible contract with Z.  A special panel consisting of Record Company Reps, Radio DJ’s and Journalists will judge the event in the hope of finding the next inspiring rock act. Genre’s covered  are AOR, Melodic Rock, Progressive and Melodic Metal. Unlike other battle of the bands they do not expect a pay to play fee for your appearance, if you wish to nominate your band for the event please email [only applications via this address will be considered] or visit URL for further details

The Krum Bums fresh off their tour with the Casualties are heading right back out to embark on a full U.S. tour with legends G.B.H. The boys were recently on the cover of the Austin Chronicle and the story featured a tour diary written by Dave Krum Bum from their recent tour. They’ve got quite the buzz going on in their hometown and they even snagged “Best Punk Band of 2008” at the Austin Music Awards. Their new album “S.O.S.” will soon be released on TKO Records. Check their myspace for full listings of tour dates

Echo Screen (compared to Jimmy Eat World, Piebald and The Get Up Kids) are on a mission to pump glorious tunes into the ears of listeners across the globe. Euphoria, the bands first full length CD, produced and recorded by Shep Goodman and Kenny Gioia (Bayside, Punchline, Head Automatica), features a fresh sound poured into meaningful songs, while capturing emotional highs and lows of life. For further information or to set up interviews, please contact: Ariel Publicity (212) 239-8384. Click here for a full biography

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